Important features of Control Panel

Important features of Control Panel

Important features of Control Panel

Control Panel is the leading control panel on the market today. Below is a selection of the features available in cPanel:

Add and remove email accounts
Set up email forwarding, mailing lists and auto-responders
Web mail allows you to read and compose emails anywhere in the world

FTP Manager
Set up FTP accounts
Set up anonymous FTP access
FTP session control

File Manager
The File Manager basically replaces an FTP program and allows you to upload files to and download files from your website. It is a stand-alone file management program with a graphical interface.

You can backup and restore your website at a click.

cPanel allows you to create and manage sub-domains. Sub-domains can be used for many different purposes, including hosting friends or clients.
Raw Log Manager
You can choose how raw logs are stored on your account.

Raw Access Log
You can download the raw access logs for any domain in your account. This information is useful for tracking user movements.

Error Log
The error log displays all the “404 File does not exist” errors so you can find out what files are missing from your website.

MySQL Databases
If you use MySQL databases for your website, you will have the ability to manage all your databases with this option.

Agora Shopping Cart
You can install Agora Shopping Cart on your website. This is a powerful shopping cart system which will allow you to start your own ecommerce website.

There are many more useful features available in cPanel. With such a rich variety of features, it’s no wonder that cPanel is the most used control panel.

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