Important tips before moving to Cloud Computing

Important tips before moving to Cloud Computing

Before migrating to cloud computing it is necessary to understand what kind of service is needed and how this need may be really useful in deployment. It seems that a company is not to discover that the Earth is round and Cloud Computing is beneficial for you. Flexibility, Availability, Reliability, Security, Savings, efficiency are the advantages of Cloud serves to a consumer. Cloud services are of different types which includes public, private and hybrid to conclude which model is best but what may be required for each.

Public Cloud :

Probably the public is the most widespread of current Cloud services. Public Clouds are quick and affordable to implement. These two features, the main, derived from the nature of shared infrastructure: in this format, multiple clients hosted on the same physical machine dividing their virtual servers, as configured, processing resources, memory and available connection. At its most basic, they all dealt, the machine maintenance and disk access, firewall and network, but also its cost. Does it turn this into vulnerable public cloud model? In any case: security must ensure the service provider, responsible for the use that the set of clients, not the system used.

Private Cloud :

Various companies and IT industry players opt for virtualized private cloud infrastructure that is physically located in the same place where your client. However, this notion is not in-house somewhat contradictory to the nature of the Cloud? Virtualization, which allows data and applications as a thousand kilometers across different offices. It seems like a natural next step to ask the outsourcing of these resources and their management. What advantages does this decision will give you? For now, three: physical hazards division, the concentration of human resources in the business itself, and that add safety equipment and specialized facilities. For an IT service provider eNlight, the Scalable Cloud infrastructure established in Data center gives basic guarantee for optimal performance from a Cloud thought to deployment.

That is the key feature of the private cloud, exclusivity: all physical machine resources are available to the client so that it can optimize its performance. Does that imply then outsourcing the loss of control over hired? Only to the extent that the client wishes. In our case, the allocation of virtual server resources, monitoring and performing tasks such as snapshots is up to the user if they want to take their management. Even access to the hypervisor driver can be ordered too, reaffirming the commitment to personalization that provides private cloud.

What else in Cloud Computing?

The needs of a company can change, the service must be always optimal. Hence, the important thing when migrating to the cloud, public or private, is to choose the provider that best suits both the present and the possible changes in business strategy. That’s one of the basic premises that eUKhost in his nearly twelve years of experience as IT/Web service provider, has in mind when implementing a Cloud Hosting service. So both the private and public are flexible models, scalable and secure, designed to ensure high availability, integrity and confidentiality of data based on the maintenance and continuous improvement.


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