Increase Search Engine Ranking and Website Traffic – Tips

Increase Search Engine Ranking and Website Traffic – Tips

Search Engine Ranking and Website Traffic

Search engine ranking and website traffic are the two most important SEO features of any website. To increase website traffic and search engine rankings, the following important tips are worth applying to your website.

A good search engine ranking will definitely result in increased web traffic to your site, whereas a low search engine ranking will not produce any traffic, wasting all your SEO efforts.

Obviously, to attract visitors attention, your website should consist of extremely valuable content. “Content is the King!” This is absolutely true. In fact, content is the soul of any website, and good content is liked by all the visitors.

Apart from good content, your commercial website should consist of products or services to present them to your visitors. If you are able to fulfill your visitors needs, your website will become hugely popular. But to attract this traffic, you must first optimize your web pages so that they rank very high in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Keywords are important tools that attract targeted traffic. The first hundred words of the content are the most important from the viewpoint of the search engines. These set of words normally indicate the theme of your web page.

If the search engine crawlers find relevant keywords placed in these first few words then they give more value to your remaining content. Place your web page’s primary and supplemental keywords within these first few words in your page content. Also, spread these keywords evenly throughout the rest of the document.

To gain targeted and massive web traffic, do complete research on which keywords are suitable for your content, and are used extensively by the searchers to find solutions to their problems. Use the right combination of the keywords and key phrases to attract target visitors.

Use your best keywords and key phrases in the Title, META tags, Headers, body of content, etc. Strive to get the keyword density between 2 to 7 per cent of the total content. The search engines will consider any higher keywords density as keyword spamming.

Concentrate on making your web page and the entire website elegant and easy to navigate. Site navigation is also considered as a major search engine optimization method. Weed out any link that is not consistent with the site’s theme.

Also, look for any “dead-links”. Take care that none of the web pages are incomplete or are still under construction. Your site visitors must be able to navigate easily between relevant web pages through links placed appropriately, for example, these links should blend inside the article at appropriate places without making them look obvious.

When you build up a sales hype, then a link should exist just inside or at the end of the paragraph that takes the visitor to the product’s page. All the web pages should have a link to the Home page of the website. This is an important aspect for a great search engine ranking and website traffic that are not being used by most webmasters.

Your links should also contain appropriate keywords and not just something like “Click here…Each web page on your website should be interesting and relevant to your site’s theme without making the site monotonous. The skillfully created navigation links and the content will always make the visitor stay longer on your site.

Once you have plenty of web pages created, submit every web page along with the home page to all the top search engines. Also submit your website to the various web directories in their appropriate sections to get targeted traffic to your website.

Try and get plenty of relevant back links to your website from quality and relevant websites, forums, blogs, and web directories. Such sites should be popular, high ranking in the search engines’ SERP, and also should have good traffic. Try and get back links to your other web pages along with the home page. This will ensure that your website will have an all-round growth in popularity and traffic.

If you are selling products or services, then try the Google Adwords marketing methods. Adwords campaign can send targeted traffic to your website, especially to the web pages where you sell your product and services.

This is one of the best methods to get traffic as well as recognition to your website, products, and services. Google Adwords campaign is an effective search engine optimization method that can produce instantaneous results. Read further about how the search engine ranking and website traffic can be effectively improved.

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