Install Plesk 8.1 Without SiteBuilder But With MSDE From The Command Line

Install Plesk 8.1 Without SiteBuilder But With MSDE From The Command Line

How to install Plesk 8.1 without SiteBuilder, but with MSDE from command line:

1. Make sure that you have extracted the required .msi installer file, if you are using the network installer (see the Installing Plesk 8.1 for Windows Using Command Line Interface section for more details).
2. Create a new file called “install-plesk-with-msde.cmd” (without the quotes) in your system. Copy the following information into it:

@echo off

if “%3” == “” (

echo ” USAGE: install-plesk-with-msde.cmd []”

echo ” where can be:

echo ” complete – Complete Plesk installation

echo ” typical – Typical Plesk installation

echo ” {comp_list} – Complete Plesk installation without specified components (use a comma to separate the components)

exit /b 1


set plesk_distrib_dir=%~dp1

set plesk_msi_name=%~nx1

set plesk_dir=%~2

set plesk_non_typical=CommunitySK,Mambo,bbClone,gtChat,phpBB,phpBook,postNuke,Uebimiau,TimeTrackerSK,ReportsSK,KasperskyAV,SiteBuilder,PDFDoc,Python,JDK,Tomcat

if “%3” == “complete” set plesk_exclude=MSDE

if “%3” == “typical” set plesk_exclude=MSDE,%plesk_non_typical%

if “%plesk_exclude%” == “” set plesk_exclude=MSDE,%~3

set msde_pwd=1q2w3e

if “%~4” NEQ “” set msde_pwd=%4

@echo on

extrac32.exe /Y /E /L “%windir%\Installer\MSDE” “%plesk_distrib_dir%\”


“%windir%\Installer\MSDE\setup.exe” /qn DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS=0 SEQURITYMODE=SQL REBOOT=ReallySuppress SAPWD=”%msde_pwd%” TARGETDIR=”%plesk_dir%\Databases\MSDE” DATADIR=”%plesk_dir%\Databases\MSDE” REBOOT=R /l*v “%windir%\Installer\MSDE\msde-install.log” DISABLEROLLBACK=1


reg ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\MSSQLServer” /v LoginMode /d 2 /t REG_DWORD /f


net start MSSQLSERVER /Y

“%plesk_distrib_dir%\%plesk_msi_name%” /qn MSSQL_HOST=localhost MSSQL_ADMIN_NAME=sa MSSQL_ADMIN_PASSWD=”%msde_pwd%” INSTALLDIR=”%plesk_dir%” ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=%plesk_exclude% /l*v “%plesk_dir%\plesk-install.log”


Note: You are welcome to change the script text above to suit your needs best. For example, you can change ‘/qn’ to ‘/qb’ in the script text, if you want to see the progress bar during the installation. Please make sure that you clearly understand what are you changing before making the changes, as SWsoft shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever for any losses or damage caused by using the modified script text.
3. Open the command line interface (Start > Run > cmd.exe).
4. Run the following command to install Plesk 8.1 without SiteBuilder and with MSDE:

install-plesk-with-msde.cmd WSBNET []

The following variables are used by this command:
* – full path to plesk_x.x.x_buildYYMMDD.HH.msi file.
* – full path to the folder where Plesk should be installed.
* [] – Password for default MSDE administrator login ‘sa’. Note that this parameter is optional; if you do not specify it, the default MSDE password will be set to ‘1q2w3e’.
5. The installer will proceed with installing Plesk 8.1 without SiteBuilder and with MSDE.


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