Installing Ruby on Rails and Gems on Windows

Installing Ruby on Rails and Gems on Windows

There are enough tutorials around on how to install Ruby on Rails and Gems on Linux; but the question is, how do you install them on Windows?

1) Install Ruby using the one click installer. You can get the latest version of the installer from here; the installation is simple and only takes a few clicks.

2) Open the command shell (‘Start’ >> ‘Run’ >> ‘cmd’), and navigate to the ruby ‘bin’ directory. normally this will be ‘C:\ruby’ and run ‘gem install rails –include-dependencies’; this will install rails.

…and there you have it! You have install Ruby on Rails abnd Gems on Microsoft Windows!


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  1. Mr.Hogg

    Thanks, after reading the post it does sound like its easy to install Ruby on rails on Windows. Real test will be when I do it practically.

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