Internet Forum | Part 2

Internet Forum | Part 2

Forum Vocabulary


  • PM: private message
  • Post: post on the forum
  • Topic: Topic of the discussion
  • Captcha: A series of numbers or letters that a poster should return before posting a message (an anti-bot)


  • Flood: repeated messages, unwanted, irrelevant to the topic.
  • Flooder: author of flood.
  • Boost: practice of posting a large number of messages, with the sole purpose of increasing the message has to his credit.
  • HS: off-topic post.
  • Troll: copyright messages seeking to inflame the discussion in the deviant example on a non-controversial topic.
  • Locker: (block, in English) action on the subject make it impossible for members to respond.
  • Post-Free: (post free, boost hidden) the principle is the same as the boost (increase the number of messages), the difference is that the Free Post-it is a short answer, often different from one topic to the ‘and other off-topic (Example: Subject “Which computer to choose?” response “The sky is blue”), generally less recognizable than the boost that it is often a response that means nothing or that is always the same.

Team Forum

  • Staff or team: term for board staff, the team is composed of members generally important.
  • Mod, Modo: contraction moderator
  • Admin: Administrator contraction
  • Webmaster: creator of the forum with more rights and actions the administrator. There is no row “webmaster”, it is usually a director who has given to other rank “administrator”, thereby giving them as much of his authority. We can not rely on trust between the webmaster and the other admins for everything to work best and there is no stab in the back.


  • Forum: space consists of categories and sub-forums.
  • Category: space comprising sub-forums.
  • Sub-Forums: space where you can post a topic.
  • Subject: space in which one member can post a message.
  • Subject to “Sticky” An important discussion forum highlighted by an administrator or a moderator for a given period.
  • Announcement: Often used for payments in forums, ads are to be punctual events or on a long term to get the “ads” in the community.
  • General ad: this is an open discussion on all the forums and highlighted.

List of forum software

It is possible to easily install software forum on its website or its local server, without having to make a software by yourself. Numerous software forums are available on the Internet, some are free.

Here is a list of forum software commonly encountered on the Internet:

  • PhpBB
  • Invision Power Board
  • SMF
  • IceBB
  • WoltLab Burning Board
  • PunBB
  • FluxBB
  • VBulletin
  • Phorum
  • FSB: Fire Soft Board
  • Xooit
  • Forumotion
  • DaForum

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