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Is my data secure with eUKhost?

Is my data secure with eUKhost?

Data security is an important consideration because if the information stored in your web hosting account falls into the wrong hands then it could spell trouble for your business. eUKhost operates servers that are secured to the highest standard possible so that in the event that your website or our servers are attacked, the chances of the hackers being able to gain access are minimal.

Standard security features included with all eUKhost web hosting plans to guarantee the security of your data include:

  • Anti-spoof/anti-sniff network technology
  • High-end Cisco anomaly detector with sophisticated algorithms to analyse traffic
  • Out-of-path traffic filtering system to block malicious traffic without affecting normal traffic.

Shared Hosting

The servers used for the hosting of our shared web hosting customers use the highest levels of security in the industry, with all servers secured to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards so that you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of data hosted under your shared hosting account.

Improving the safety and security of your data further in a shared hosting environment can be done by applying an SSL certificate to your website. An SSL certificate will be responsible for encrypting any data sent between your website and visitors’ computers, therefore making it useless to anyone wanting to snoop on the connection.

VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

As the user of one of our VPS servers, cloud servers or dedicated servers you will have your own dedicated hosting environment that won’t have any of its own security features to begin with. Whilst having a dedicated hosting environment does offer greater flexibility than is achievable with a shared web hosting environment, you will need to setup your server hosting environment to meet your precise needs – part of this process is to install the security features and applications you deem as necessary for the protection of your data.

If you are using one of our public cloud products such as eNlight Cloud or VMWare Cloud then you will be guaranteed complete isolation. In a Cloud environment isolation means that your cloud VMs will be separate from all over VMs, therefore meaning that the performance of other VMs will not impede on your performance of your own servers. From a security perspective this is a benefit because it removes any possible backdoors to your data because you will have full control over the security applied to your VMs.

In short, regardless of the form of hosting that you wish to use, your data will be secure when choosing eUKhost as your web hosting provider. We utilise a number of different security measures at every stage to reduce the chances of hackers gaining access to our systems. There are of course measures that you can take to improve the security of your individual hosting account, such as using strong passwords, strong code and encrypting data.


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