Learn How To Get Potential Customers To Your Business Website | Part 2

August 1, 2011 / Business Tips Industry News Tutorials Web Hosting

Use Buyer’s Keywords to get potential customers to your site

The main problem faced by many internet marketers is getting laser-targeted visitors to his website. It is actually very easy to get potential customers to visit your business website if you use these SEO, advertising, and marketing strategies in use:

SEO Techniques to get laser-targeted visitors:

If you are able to find the buyer’s keywords in your niche, and use them in your content web page wisely, then you can see your content page appearing as top listing in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Buyer’s Keywords

There are two chief types of keywords that are used in the search engines by web surfers who are especially looking for information on products:

1. Information seeker keywords such keywords are used along with a product or service name. These web surfers are seeking only free information about the product or service and they may not be purchasing the item anytime soon. The surfers are curious in getting information only. Such information seeker keywords can be free tutorials, how to, what are the features of, benefits of, advantages of, and so on.

2.Buyer’s keywords such keywords are extremely important keywords from the viewpoint of the internet marketer. The reason to know about these keywords is to use them in your content so that the entire form of the keywords along with your product can rank very high, preferably as number 1 or in the top 10 listings for that keyword/phrase in the SERPs. When the web surfer types the buyer’s keyword that you are targeting, then he may see your listing in the organic search result and he may just click that link and land up on your product page where you can convert him into a paying customer. Some examples of buyer’s keywords are given below.

The Buyer’s keywords are typical keywords which are used by the web surfers when they are searching for a particular answer or solution to their specific issues. These issues can be health related, information related, or product related issues for which the surfer needs a proper and effective solution. He is prepared to buy the solution and so he inputs these types of keywords into the search engine’s search box.

Such buyer’s keywords, for example, show that the surfer has an intention to buy the item or solution if he finds it through web searching. Such buyer’s keywords can be one of the following:

  • <product-name> review,
  • <product-name> cost,
  • <product-name> coupon,
  • <product-name> discount,
  • buy <product-name>,
  • where to buy <product-name>,
  • and so on.

Notice that the <product-name> used by the surfer generally shows that he knows about the product and probably is now seeking information from where or how he can buy it.

A few more buyer’s keywords are:

  • <product-name> special in <city-name>,
  • “<service-name> in <city-name>,

These are just a few examples of buyer’s keywords that are used with the name of the product. There are literally countless buyer’s keywords which you can use to get the buyer’s attention and lead them to your website.

Think logically from the buyer’s viewpoint and you too can generate such powerful buyer’s keywords easily. Think of what keywords you yourself would use, what sort of phrase you would put in the search bar if you wish to buy something associated with your niche.

Learn how to use these buyer’s keywords in your content cleverly. Remember, such buyer’s keywords are a group of words it is very difficult to rank high in the search engines for single word anyway. The knowledge of such advanced SEO techniques can help you set up a successful SEO campaign with ease and see profitable results.



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