Learn How To Get Potential Customers To Your Business Website | Part 3

Learn How To Get Potential Customers To Your Business Website | Part 3

Use popular Social Networking sites to get potential customers

Once you have a great landing page in place on your business website, you can run a social networking advertising and marketing campaign. Social networking websites like FaceBook, Twitter, etc. are hugely popular and are frequented by millions of visitors daily.

Use Facebook and Twitter to generate targeted traffic to your site

FaceBook, for example, is as successful as Google in getting web visitors to it. It has millions of members who apart from looking for spending a good time with their friends and relatives on FaceBook, are also good online buyers. FaceBook pages can be a huge platform to build your advertising and marketing campaign successfully. You can also run a FaceBook promotional program.

FaceBook advertising program can easily help you reach your target customers quickly. There are more than 500 million members on FaceBook! Many of these can be your potential customers with the right kind of promotional campaign. It is quite economical to use the program.

You can set the daily advertisement budget you are comfortable with, or adjust the daily budget as and when you need. You can even use the CPC or CPM methods where you pay only when members click on your advertisement or when people see your advertisement respectively.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool

Twitter can help you send well targeted short messages to your Twitter followers, and if you are popular and have thousands of followers on Twitter, then you can use the site to generate targeted Twits with a link to your product’s page and lots of your Twitter followers will visit your product’s landing page.

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging network site today. Any internet marketer must use the power of Twitter to its fullest extent. Building a huge e-mail list is quickly possible through Twitter marketing. You can promote your product on Twitter or even use Twitter to pre-sell it. Twitter offers one of the best business opportunities of connecting with your customers and even prospective buyers.

With twitter, you can generate huge amounts of traffic to your website or even to your YouTube videos quickly. You can easily find prospective customers through cleverly formed Twitter strategy. With such powers, Twitter is easily one of the best traffic generating methods available to any internet marketer.

Such social networking sites are used to quickly build trust and followers. Your popular Twitter page or your FaceBook Page can very quickly become viral in nature – your followers can re-tweet your messages to their own friends, or your FaceBook friends can help you bring in a lot of other members to your FaceBook Page and from there to your website.

Create Social Networking Specific Campaigns

If you succeed in making your social networking pages popular, then you can really generate a sustained flow of visitors to your website and hopefully many of those visitors will purchase your product and services.

Create a campaign is such a way that your products and services become well-known to other through your own contact, friends, and relatives on these Social Networking websites. This is how your product information can become viral on the net.

The above are just two popular social networking sites examples, FaceBook and Twitter, which you can use in your marketing campaign to get potential customers to your business website fast. There are other such social networking websites which you can use successfully to create more avenues to bring in visitors to your site and generate fast profitable campaigns.




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