Learn How To Get Potential Customers To Your Business Website | Part 4

Learn How To Get Potential Customers To Your Business Website | Part 4

Use Google Adwords advertising services to get potential customers

People use Google search engine to search for a variety of things they also search to find information on products and services among other things and Google is well-known to provide the exact information they seek. Google is also a great marketer’s promotional tool.

Google offers a paid contextual advertising network service called Google Adwords to help internet marketers to promote their products and services to the Google users directly on their search engine result pages (also called SERPs).

Google also has a different kind of paid advertising network service called Google AdSense where your advertisements can appear on people’s websites in contextual as well as image-based advertisements.

Both these Google’s popular advertisement network services can be used effectively by an internet marketer to display their advertisements and get prominent attention of millions of users from all over the world.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an extremely powerful advertising tool. The advertisement appear in their search engine result pages under the Sponsored Links, now simply called Ads heading on the right hand side column on the SERPs, and also on the top of the organic results in a highlighted format. When you use Google Adwords network service, you will have to pay a set amount only when people click on your advertisement. Otherwise, your advertisement always appears free of cost to all the Google users.

How does Google Adwords work for your advertisement?

When people use one of your keywords selected for that particular campaign in their Google search bar, they can see your advertisement on the right-hand side of the SERPs or on the top part of the organic search results. Of course, the appearance of your advertisement depends on various factors, most of which you can select while setting up the particular campaign. We will see what those options and factors are when we discuss Google Adwords in detail elsewhere.

Google Adwords also helps you choose the best keywords for your campaign depending on the details of your keyword research in Adwords Keyword Tool. For example, if you choose daily deals as your advertising keyword, you will get options to select the location (All countries, United States, United Kingdom, India, Japan, etc.) and the language (All languages, English, Japanese, German, Hindi, and other popular languages) of your choice.

You can also use very powerful filters to let Google display very specific related keywords — whether you want to use keywords related to adult content or ignore those, whether you want to see suggested keywords based on type of competition for similar keywords (high, medium, or low competition), the choice to conditionally set up the number of global or local monthly searches conducted, and so on.

The result it shows gives you an estimated idea of the keyword competition, estimated number of local and monthly searches, and plenty of other important details which can help you tremendously in your SEO and internet marketing efforts.

Google Adwords also offers you another keyword research tool in the form of Traffic Estimator. On this tool page, you can input your keywords and set a maximum CPC amount as well as your daily budget amount. You can also select the location and language.

Based on the information you input, the estimated data is displayed for the keywords you are seeking information about, the global and local monthly search data, estimated average CPC and the position of the advertisement in the SERPs, how much estimated daily clicks your advertisement may get, and the average estimate cost your advertisements will have to pay to Google.

You can use Google Adwords as a very powerful keyword research tool and also a proven and very flexible advertisement tool which has given instant marketing results to lots of internet marketers in generating laser-targeted web traffic to their websites.

Of course, you can use this amazing advertising tool to do your research about the competitiveness of your keywords without setting up a paid campaign. This way, you get an access to a very powerful keyword research tool and use the result data in your own way in your marketing campaign.

Likewise, other search engines like MSN and Yahoo! Also offers you excellent advertisement tools and you can use these search engines to set up your marketing campaign and get laser-targeted website visitors, among them a lot of potential customers to your business website.