Let Me Help You Find the Cost of Cloud

Let Me Help You Find the Cost of Cloud

Today, we can find an increasing volume of supporters supporting the technology of cloud computing. We’ve always been supporters of this revolutionary technology and have tried to spread an awareness about it through the means of digital media. Switching over to a cloud can prove to be a decision for any company that can help lower the expenditure over the traditional IT infrastructure. Our intelligent auto-scalable is soon on its way out , where it’d judge the requirements of a website/application and assign the required resources in real-time.

So, how much does a Cloud actually cost ?

A number of individuals offer fear the initial investment moreover it is the ongoing expenses that tends to pose botheration to users, which inturn restricts businesses from switching over to any new technology. Its also the lack of in-depth knowledge about how a cloud hosting technology would benefit a business directly or indirectly.

There are two aspects that can primarily be considered while determining the costs of implementation and and usage of Cloud, namely : (i) Costs of Setup and migration & (ii) Ongoing Costs

  1. Cost of Setup and migration :- While considering this aspect you must determine the applications and business areas that you’d be moving over to the cloud infrastructure. It may be the systems that are resource intensive and demands high performance. Now that you know and have made up your mind to switch a particular segment of your business over to a cloud, its time that you start looking for a reliable company that offers Cloud Servers. Remember, all providers that offer such services at cheap price need not be reliable, so you need to be really smart with making the right choice. Try and check if you’d get a server for testing for a certain period of time. Though not many providers now-a-days would offer a server for trial, but you could utilize the 30 days money-back clause, this should not only allow you to test the server for 30 days, but would also help you try your applications for a longer period, and if the server fits to your requirements, you may continue using it or else take your money and find a better host. After migration, ongoing expenses should not be difficult to calculate.
  2. Ongoing Expenses : Since you’d have complete control over the server, you can migrate your application or website over to the server. The cost of hardware is borne by the provider hence releasing your investment burden of the over-head cost associated with it. This is one major area where you save a large amount of your financial resources. Despite if at the later stage if the hardware fails and needs replacement, it isn’t you would be help accountable for, nor would you be asked to bear the expenses.

The only cost that you’d need to pay is the amount of resources that your website and applications uses ie. the CPU time, RAM and storage. Of course, you’d only be paying for what you’ve used unlike the traditional hosting where a fixed amount had to be paid whether you use the allocated resources or you don’t.

This is one of the biggest differentiating factors that can help a business save an hefty amount and utilize the same for business development and expansion. A careful planning of the migration and in-depth testing can lead to choosing the right host and infrastructure which is much needed for your business continuity and expansion. Initially, you may start-up with a pilot project, and then move the entire operations over to the cloud.

Initially every change seems tough to be accepted by everyone at the organization, this usually is a risk. So, inorder to get people acquainted with the new technology, you can give sometime and let them try their hands on the product. Laying an effective strategy of implementation should not only help avoid the chaos but would also avoid the performance form getting hampered due to any sudden change.

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