Link baiting – Way to avoid Duplicate Content

Link baiting – Way to avoid Duplicate Content

Link baiting is one of the most effectives ways of attracting numerous one way links pointing to your site, which in turn boosts your site’s position in major search engines using your main keyword phrases, resulting in more traffic to your site

Link baiting is not a new concept. It is just like coming up with the sort of story that attracts millions of readers in a print publication. Online you will attract readers many of whom will link to your article from their blog sites and web sites. Due to the viral aspects of link baiting, inbound links increase very quickly without much additional input after it has been setup.

What this means is that the same techniques used by print publishers is the very same one you can use online. One of the techniques is using controversy as your topic. Controversy has always sold in the past and it will always sell.

It is important that whatever stuff you are planning to write, you better know your stuff pretty well otherwise you’ll make a fool of yourself and get the high traffic only once or twice. Or alternatively the readers will be able to sense that you have no idea what you are saying and will not even take your bait. You content will just get ignored.

Link baiting means that there is no chance of duplicate content since everybody uses their own original content in linking to your site.



  1. Linkbaiting need a hook, it might be humour, attack or breaking news hook, if you are using attack hook the content should have ability to not only attack the weaknesses of others but the ability to provide positive and constructive alertness & suitable alternatives.

  2. Bob

    The successful “link baiters” must have been the folks who engineered the behaviour marketing to create sensation through linkbaiting.

  3. The ” headline” is most important factor in linkbaiting, it tends people to read the article. I am getting good result by using this formula.

    Linkbaiting + Digg + + wiki = Good SERP + Good targeted Traffic + repeat visitors

    Linkbaiting – Good SE rankings
    Digg – Temprory good traffic resource widely used for bookmarking
    Wiki- Good source to attract targeted visitors

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