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Well,linkbaiting is the latest concept in the world of seo.We have been trying all means to acquire backlinks to increase our page rank in search engines.

This includes reciprocal links,one-way links,use of automatic site submission softwares,directory submission and many more.

I think,by now our idea should be clear like a transaprent high quality glass which means nothing but recieving the best of quality links out on the net.

I think i have an answer to that –


This is nothing but creating something which will naturally create backlinks of the web page by getting people to talk about it.

It is quite obvious we have to write about a topic which is in eyes of people around the world,as people notice it they will reply to it according to the topic.

The visitor on net always searches for a new topic,his single contribution has a major impact on the hits section on our website.

Google is the “search god”. It believes in morals,quality and not in quantity.

So if you need more traffic to your website,it is extemely profitable to post in a blog and write frequent articles on websites where people can easily focus and write their comments.

Yes, of course dont forget to add your link with that article because that is the gateway to the traffic to your website.



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  1. Great! Linkbating is an interesting term & really very good idea. As there has been some recent discussion of linkbaiting on some popular blogs in recent days. Basically the idea is to create content so desirable & attractive that other sites would link to it.

    It is really one of the best way to get traffic to our site. My definition of “link baiting” is writing content in such a standard format that it attracts other webistes to link us. :)

  2. Link baiting boosts the link popularity of a web site and has quickly become a very effective method of promoting web sites by increasing their traffic and raising their search engine rankings. Due to the viral aspects of link baiting, inbound links increase very quickly without much additional input after it has been setup. Despite the fact that some consider it to be a black hat technique, link baiting is very popular these days and many top SEO experts recommend it highly.

  3. Bob

    Linkbaiting is just a glamorous name for just writing good content, its interesting enough to grab intention of people.

  4. ayaj

    Link baiting can be so effective that some SEOs are now offering specific link baiting services or are integrating link baiting services as part of their SEO campaigns. That sounds like a great SEO “strategy” but the more I considered this, the more I realized that linkbaiting is really already part of a search engine optimization/marketing campaign, or at least it should be.
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  5. deepak_s

    Linkbating has a role within SEO, but it should already be considered as part of the marketing side of the SEO campaign. While the SEO Marketers are looking for ways to improve conversions, they should also be thinking about how to “linkbait” others into linking to their site. It might be a one-time only thing, or maybe they can come up with a significant linkbait every few months, but either way,

  6. Marc

    Also if you want to have good backlinks forget bout reciprocal links, only concentrate on one way links and link baiting.

    Peeking is also a good concept try to search for if

    Also keep yourself updated with latest SEO updates.

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