Unix Flavours

Unix Flavours

Definition of Flavors: Unix is not a single operating system. It is in fact a general name given to dozens of o.s. by different companies, organizations or groups of individuals. These variants of unix are referred to as flavors.

Although based on the same core set of unix commands, different flavors can have their own unique commands and features, and are designed to work with different types of h/w. Linux is often considered a unix flavor. See a list of unix flavors:

1. AIX : AIX is commercial version of unix product IBM.

2. BSD : Berkeley Software Distribution.

3. Caldera : The Caldera Open UNIX 8 deployment platform uses Linux Kernel Personality (LKP)

4. FreeBSD : FreeBSD makes a great internet server Or firewall, and recent advancements make freeBSD powerful multimedia editing workstation.

5. HP-UX : HP-UX was the first Unix to use access control lists for file access permissions.

6. Solaris : Solaris is the unix flavor produced by sun Microsystems.

7. Linux : Linux has generated more excitement in the computer field than any other development.

Linux flavors : Red-hat, Fedora, SUSE, Slackware, Gentoo, Debian, mandrake.

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