Load Balancing Servers

Load Balancing Servers

Load Balanced Dedicated Servers

One server responding to all the incoming HTTP requests for a website might not able to handle all the incoming traffic of a website. This would become more difficult if the website becomes more popular. As a result pages will load slowly and users will have to wait for a long time to view web pages. Due to increase in traffic and connections to website there will be need to upgrade the server and it would be no more cost effective.

To improve the server scalability, more servers are needed to add more scalability and distribute load among the servers which is also called as clustering and load distribution among these servers is called as Load balancing. Load balancing applies to all types of servers including application and database servers.

Load Balancing Mechanism

The load balancing mechanism used for spreading HTTP requests is known as IP Spraying. HTTP traffic needs to be evenly distributed when there are multiple servers in the group. It acts as one server to clients for example an internet browser. “Load dispatcher” and “network dispatcher” are the equipments used for IP spraying. You can simply call them as “Load Balancer”.IP Sprayer redirects HTTP requests to a server in a server cluster. It all depend on the type of IP sprayer involved so that the architecture can provide more scalability, load balancing and overcome all the fail-over requirements.

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  1. paul

    It is unique set of both high availability and deploying high performance ny distributing users across available application servers.

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