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Looking at Server Colocation Advantages | Part 2

Looking at Server Colocation Advantages | Part 2

Professional Server Colocation Hosting Services versus Other Web Hosting Services

For an online business, especially for the larger organizations, using a server colocation hosting service or even using a fully managed dedicated web service can make the difference between running their business very successfully or running it with limited success and under stressful conditions. It is therefore very essential for any business organization to choose their web hosting service with extreme caution and with thorough knowledge about what the requirements of their online business site are. The internet has changed a lot over the past few years and the dangers associated with doing online business has increased multifold.

The demand for web hosting services has grown exponentially with the growing numbers of brick-and-mortar businesses — small, medium, large, and very large — needing online presence to do business. There are various other activities apart from business which need web hosting. There are professionals who need web hosting services for different reasons. Online business trading and transfer of funds online need very professional web hosting services. They need professional hosting management and such tasks are best handled by experienced web hosting services who expertly manage all their web hosting related requirements.

Any organization will need secure and stable web hosting services and while there are plenty of hosting packages they can choose from, they will still need to get only those hosting features that their websites needs. Based on the requirements of the websites, there are many web hosting options and packages available. The operating system, disk-space, memory, bandwidth, uptime guarantee, web applications, control panels are all needed for all types of websites, and they can choose from the basic shared web hosting services, Virtual Private Server hosting services, dedicated web hosting services, server colocation hosting services, and many other types of server hosting services are available to them.

Again, such web hosting services can be divided into other sub-types such as managed hosting services or unmanaged hosting services. Then, there are operating system related hosting services and the two main and very popular types of such services are the Windows-based hosting service and the Linux-based web hosting service. There are various features which can be included in the hosting package based on these types and the actual needs of website owners.

The organization has to consider all these types and consider which type of hosting service suits their web hosting needs perfectly. Stability, security, scalability, services offered by the server and web hosting services, and the experience and the reliability of the service are the other factors that should be considered. The proximity and accessibility of the web hosting service is another factor to consider.

A dedicated server hosting, especially the fully managed dedicated server hosting service, is the bare minimum requirement of an online business to run an e-commerce website, for example. A smaller online business can utilize the VPS hosting service which has almost all the benefits associated with the dedicated hosting service for a much lower cost. But for a large business house, the most beneficial features are offered with a server colocation web hosting service. If the organization needs to have its own web server or even multiple servers to run its businesses, then instead of building a data center infrastructure and hiring web technicians, it can utilize the server colocation web hosting service and receive better benefits.

The secure, stable, scalable, and reliable web hosting service are a few features that an organization needs. All such very high quality professional services can only be offered by a well-managed and professional colocation service. A shared web hosting environment is not suited to online businesses where the business conducts online trades and money transactions, for which it needs very high quality features which cannot be received in the shared web hosting environment.

A VPS hosting can only offer a few important and professional quality features to a business, but it still has its limitations, especially if the organization has need for huge amounts disk-space, memory, bandwidth, 100% uptime guarantee, and very fast internet connectivity. The dedicated web hosting server can be the ideal service for an organization but it can still not be sufficient for the needs of the organization for various reasons. The server colocation web hosting service, as mentioned elsewhere, offers the optimum features for the organization.



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