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Lycoris Desktop/LX

Lycoris Desktop/LX

Lycoris was quick enough to catch the attention of many due to the fact that it was a good tool to make Linux look simple. Desktop/LX was an attempt of creating a user-friendly simple system for all. Installation of Lycoris was simple, language used avoided technical terms wherever possible.
The graphics section combines a list of commonly used resolutions with the standard refresh rate. The hard drive setup is basic. Lycoris desktop has a distinct similarity to Windows XP. It is very well configured. There are two icons a)My Linux System which gives a windows style view of the system’s drives and b)a Network browser application to connect to a windows network. Things regarding multimedia are quite impressive. The file browser Konqueror is well configured, providing users with useful shortcuts and menu entries.

The only disappointment for some was the lack of open office. Also there was no centralized configuration program.

Lycoris distribution was completely for the desktop, hence no software for servers being supplied. Commonly used Unix services and utilities were not available. An online repository named Iris was provided for those who bought the boxed edition. No additional packages are available on the CD. An automatic update program is also provided which functions perfectly.

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  1. Its most like window around formerly known as Redmond Linux, I checked their price Lycoris Desktop/LX CD is currently priced at just $29.95, quite affordable and that includes 60 days of e-mail support and installation guide.

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