Lynx Browser

Lynx Browser

Lynx is a text-only web browser used by people to navigate the World Wide Web. Lynx was used by many before the web gained its graphical face, although it is still used extensively today by the visually impaired poeple, people with limited physical abilities and those people with slow Internet connections who don’t want to take the time to load graphics.

Lynx is probably the most popular and widely used TEXT MODE browser on the Internet. It runs on a wide variety of platforms, including Unix, Macintosh and Windows and VMS(Virtual Memory Systems). Lynx is a full-featured browser, which means there is almost no content on the web that Lynx cannot retreive and display, either by itself or by calling on other software designed for the purpose.

Lynx is distributed under the GNU Public License which means it is free for all to use, modify and redistribute as long as it is kept in the public domain. Many people have tweaked Lynx and adapted it for use in their particular environment.

If you use the UNIX shell interface and your access provider offers it, Lynx may be interesting for you since it has a succinct key driven user interface.

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  1. Webmasters test/run their site using lynx for cross checking the navigation, broken links. if your site has dropdown menus, spiders find it difficult to crawl such menu driven pages so for SEO you provide alternate link, using lynx you can verify such links whether they are working properly for that menus.

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