Meta Tags- Google Point Of View

Meta Tags- Google Point Of View

It is often that we have discussed both Google and Meta-Tags, but we have never discussed how Google actually uses them in their search results. Vanessa Fox, the head of Google Webmaster has told us how Google uses meta-tags; she recommends using them as they ghelp to make a webpage distinct among the others. The Meta descriptions create the text snippets which Google normally follows and will create this snippet by looking at the content adjoining the query term on the web page. However, for more generic searches, where appropriate content is not found on the web page, Google will simply grasp some text from the top of a page, which could be part of the site navigation, and highly inappropriate to be displayed as text snippets for a search result.

You can refer to Vanessa Fox’s post on Google Groups: “Looking at your site in the search results, it appears that your pages would be well served by Meta description tags. For most queries, the generated snippet is based on where the query terms are found on the page, and in those cases, your results are fine. But for some more generic queries, where a logical snippet isn’t found in the text, the generated snippet seems to be coming from the first bits of text from the page – in this case, boilerplate navigation that is the same for every page.” Always make sure that you should have meaningful and a keyword-rich meta description tag with a meta title and keyword tag during your SEO process.

Article by Paul Johnson



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