How to Move Your Website from One Web Host to Other Web Host

How to Move Your Website from One Web Host to Other Web Host

Whenever you want to move your website from one web host to other web host, you need to follow some specific web techniques. These specific web techniques will help you complete the task in a manner that you do not have to restart right from setting keywords or optimizing your website again.

First, unless you have a simple or basic website, you need the same type of web server that your current hosting plan has, because different operating systems have different features, scripts, and database types. It can be extremely time-consuming task if you are diverting from MySQL server to SQL server. It can also be very costly and harder to find instant solution for the problems arising from such diversions.

You will have to redevelop or re-code your website and all your web pages if the versions of the server are different, and it can also create much trouble. You need to check whether your website code is compatible to the new server, or else you will have to start from the scratch and build your entire website once again. So, if your website is on the Windows web server, you should ideally choose another Windows web server only.

Transferring Data from One Web Server to The Other

Transferring your web data is very simple with appropriate option present on most of the web servers. If you study the web server and type of the operating system properly, then you can easily transfer your data from one web server to another. You also need to have access to the root log-in of the old server for transferring the data. So, you need to contact your earlier web host to make data transfer much simpler.

If your website’s old web server and the new web server have the same operating system and the same cPanel, then you can create backup of your files very easily. You can transfer this backup created by using FTP to the new server. The data on the new server can then be restored by the systems administrator of the new web server.

If the above fails, then you will have to get a good FTP application and then download all your files from the old web server to your hard disk. Then, using the FTP of the new web server, you can transfer all the data to the new web server.

If in case you have to do the transfer manually, then you can export the structure of the databases and the tables into a text file and create the new files in the new web server. By doing this, you will not have to recreate the tables again in the new server. This method of importing and exporting is the easiest method of transferring your files from one web server to the other.

Nameservers (Name servers)

You have to get the name servers from the new web host for most of the domains for your new web server. Once you get the name servers of the new web server, you can transfer the files from your old web server to the new web server. Then, you have to update the name server for your new domain by logging in. Keep in mind that, you have to move all your files from the old server to the new server before updating the name server for your new domain. This is to make sure that the web surfers do not see an empty site when they visit your website.

You will have to update the old IP address with the new IP address of the new server if you have your own custom name servers. Your new web host can tell you your new IP address.

Usually, it takes about 48 hours for the name server to change depending on some factors. After this, you will get a new IP address from your new web host and your website will be fully operational on the new web server.

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