Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

For almost every blogger or webmaster WordPress is quite a familiar name. It is one of the best content management systems available. Over 17% of the total websites in the world currently use WordPress.

As so many people prefer WordPress it is essential to utilize the platform to its fullest and take advantage of various things that it can do. By simply installing certain plugins you can do lots of useful things with your  WordPress blog.

Here is a list of some of the essential plugins for WordPress that would really benefit you:

Online Backup for WordPress

For any blog backup is of utmost importance. If you lose your data you lose everything. The Online Backup plugin allows you to take backups of your WordPress sites. It can backup everything on the WP site including posts, images, themes, plugins, pages, settings and comments as well.

It also encrypts the data while taking the backups and can store it any one of the chosen location which include: Your email, a zip file or in its own storage which is free till 100mb.

Google Analytics for WordPress

The ability to monitor and keep a tab of your website and visitors is very important to avoid any problems and keep track of what’s happening on the site.

The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin makes tracking easier by using  tracking codes. You can also track on the basis of custom variables like Author, Category and tags and more. This plugin makes tracking analysis a lot simpler.

Jetpack Plugin

The Jetpack plugin is a multi-purpose tool for self-hosted WordPress users. It can provide you stats about your WP blog. You can have email subscriptions for your posts and comments. You can also embed media from popular sites like YouTube, Digg, and Vimeo. You can integrate your social accounts  for automatic posting. It also comes with a CSS editor to modify your site design without hampering the theme.

WordPress SEO

This SEO plugin by Yoast allows you to improve your SEO efforts. WordPress itself is very SEO friendly however this plugin makes it even better.

It helps you write better content and choose a relevant keyword. You can do Page Analysis which helps you find things you might forget in a post like Meta tags, ALT tags in images, post length and more. Furthermore, it also creates XML Sitemaps and submits the same to search engines. It also allows you import and exports your settings from one blog to another so you need to make changes individually on all your blogs.

Simple 301 Redirect

Like any other website you also might need to redirect your WP site at some point or other. With the Simple 301 Redirect plugin you easily redirect your pages. It makes redirecting pages simple for you. You can redirect all of your URL’s including the ones which are not present. If you change any URL then it can automatically add a redirect to your pages. In addition, you can also gets stats about the use of the redirect URL giving you better insights to you traffic.

Optimization Plugins:

WP Super Cache

If you wish to serve cached version of web pages to visitors then the WP super cache plugin can do just that for you. With the help of this plugin you can serve static files on your site. The plugin generates the static file and your webserver shows the same to most of your visitors. This allows you to show pages faster to your visitors and improve their site experience.

Manage WP plugin

If you have more than one WordPress sites or blogs then this a very helpful plugin which would also save you lots of time. It brings together all your WordPress blogs and makes them easier to manage. You can easily manage the theme and plugins on all of your WP sites with the help of this one plugin. It even allows you to transfer themes and plugins between your WordPress sites. This plugin does make handling multiple WP sites easier.

Plugins for SPAM:


A Captcha plugin is the best way to avoid spam through your web forms or comments section. You can use it for registration, login forms and password recovery as well. It prevents bots from spamming by showing various logical queries which they are unable to answer and as a way cannot spam your site.


If you have to continuously deal with spam on your website then Akismet is what you need. Whenever any visitor comments or adds trackback on your site Akismet automatically verifies and sorts it as spam or genuine saving you all the hassle of dealing with spam and allowing you more time to look after essential things on your site.

Social Sharing Plugins


For any blogger, it is essential to have social share buttons on their site and posts so that readers and visitors can share their posts and in turn get them more visitors.

With the Sociable plugin you can easily add a share button to almost all the social networking and social bookmarking websites allowing your readers to easily share your content. It can be customized to add or remove buttons and you can place it as a skyscraper or at the bottom of your posts as well.

Now you have all the essential plugins to charge up WordPress site and with the best wordPress hosting you can make the most of your WP website or blog.