My customer has resource intensive MSSQL databases. Will eUKhost servers support this?

My customer has resource intensive MSSQL databases. Will eUKhost servers support this?

Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise-class database hosting platform constructed around SQL (Structured Query Language) for use with the range of Microsoft server products, such as Microsoft Exchange Server and ASP.NET websites. Unlike Microsoft’s other database product, Access, which is part of the Office suite of products, MSSQL is a highly scalable platform that can be utilised in even the most demanding of situations. Whilst Access is restricted to a single file on a single server, businesses have the option to build up their own cluster of Microsoft SQL servers so that in situations where a lot of power is required for the hosting of a database, multiple servers can be used to provide the resources that are needed as well as to add redundancy. When used in conjunction with a web scripting language such as ASP.NET, web developers have a powerful platform on which they can create dynamic websites that have the ability to serve millions of visitors without issue.

Resource usage

The amount of resources that an MSSQL database is going to be using will be reliant on the size of the database and the frequency at which it is accessed. Estimating the resources needed to power a database can prove to be impossible when it is hard to calculate demand, but based on data collected during the testing phase of a project it is possible to roughly gauge the stress that a database is going to place on a server. Initially a single Windows dedicated server should be appropriate for the hosting of a new website and its MSSQL database.

MSSQL Server clusters

eUKhost offers a range of dedicated servers that provide different resource allocations, allowing you to start off with a server that you believe will be fitting to your requirements. Whilst it is recommended that you choose a Windows dedicated server with additional resource to allow for room for scaling and load spikes, if you have a restricted budget to begin with then choosing something that fits your basic requirements shouldn’t be detrimental to the functionality of your web application. As the popularity of your web application increases, so will the load placed on your MSSQL database. It is at this stage that you may want to consider adding additional servers to form an MSSQL cluster. MSSQL hosting is also available in the eNlight Cloud with the use of Windows Cloud servers; with eNlight the scalability of your hosting environment is unlimited, although if you wish to create a distributed cluster within the Cloud then this is possible with Cloud vLANs as eNlight provides IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).


Any Cloud server or dedicated server from eUKhost is capable of supporting Microsoft SQL databases, so long as the Windows operating system is used. Whether a server is able to cope with the load a database places on it is going to depend on the database in question and the specifications of your chosen server. You should ensure that you fully evaluate your needs beforehand so that you are able to choose a server that you can be confident will be able to support your website.


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