Myspace Marketing- Myth or Math

Myspace Marketing- Myth or Math

Myspace is a vast online social networking site in which members can create and update personalized web profiles of themselves, thousands of users join daily for various reasons & one of the reason could be utilizing this platform for marketing their product. If you go in little depth you will find the social networkers are in most of their 15-30 years old age group, they are web savvy and not afraid in buying online, on the contrary they even leave their elders behind in buying power. Here are some MYspace stats as Steve Rubel one of my friend has posted some interesting MySpace stats as below;

* It has 61 million registered users with 21 million unique visitors (media matrix)

* It’s the second largest destination on the web, by page views

* It splits 50.2% male, 49.8% female

* The primary age demo is 16-34

* They have 1.4 million registered bands, 350,000 band blogs

* The site attracts 220,000 new registrants daily

* There are 50,000 groups including fashion, health, wellness & fitness, sports and recreation, music, film, TV, etc.

Once you create your account in Myspace you get started with getting new members, you can leave comments on their website; the comments should have some good content about them, that comment can be link back to your Myspace page. When others see your comment, there are more chances that they’re going to click on it to take a look at your page. You need to build your profile targeting specific age group and start finding other members with interests similar to yours, or who are interested in your products and so on you can ask them to network with you.

You can also use the bulletins option, that can be likened to forum posts & if you want to target particular niche you even can use mass messaging. If you work out on Myspace, you can find more marketing techniques that you can use as one of the marketing tools to target specific community. Myspace marketing seems to be based on (addition) and some calculation based on math principle rather than myth as the number of friends you include in your network, you becomes more stronger & powerful.

Article by Paul Johnson.



  1. Bob

    Thanks for the stats and guideline! In my experience you need to create a decent profile page and use their blog as well and often respond to members posts in myspace forums and other blogs, also use their bulletin feature.

  2. Adam

    That stats look impresive but I am sure that include number of fake profiles, however I find its useful info about myspace marketing, thanks!

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