Myths and Assumptions about Cloud : A Curtain Raiser

Myths and Assumptions about Cloud : A Curtain Raiser

“Cloud ” a topic that can be found in most of the discussions among individuals in the field of IT. More and more number of SME’s and large enterprises are finding ways to get the most out of Cloud Hosting solutions. According to the predictions made by Gartner, cloud would be one of the top priorities for CIOs in 2011.

Despite that, a number of organisations and IT managers are doubtful about the cloud. Moreover, number of them are not aware about the way to get started or even the ways of evaluating the type of cloud platform (Public Cloud, Private Cloud or shared cloud ) that would best suit there requirements. Adding further to the confusion is the uncertainty and fear about cloud security and scope for dependency. Moreover, many are not at all clear about the term ‘cloud’ and its architecture, hence usually prefer to keep it aside and continue with the traditional Web Hosting UK concepts. Though, there is no harm in that either.

One major benefit offered by Cloud is that, no matter how big or small an organisation is, or how big or small your requirements are, Cloud Hosting is capable of serving to the expectations, provided you have chosen a reliable and cheap hosting UK solutions provider.

Following are certain myths and assumptions that can be commonly seen about Cloud :

Each cloud is built equally

There has been an ongoing incorrect hype that has unknowingly portrayed cloud to be a single entity. Such a hype is forcing individuals not to grasp the fact that, there can be different ways of cloud architecture implementation by different providers.

A number of companies blindly believe and develop a fear about cloud solutions and assume that it can compromise the companies confidential data and resources and get disclosed out in the public. This myth is laying back individuals for trying out Cloud to carry out their business processes.

Infact, the Cloud can be a secure and reliable platform than any other solution. Every Cloud isn’t built equally first of all. There are various ways that a provider can set-up their cloud using a particular architecture. So is the difference in the capabilities which it holds and are passed over to the customers. Hence, before heading out to trying out the Cloud, it is necessary for a company to be aware of the specific requirements and necessities, so that a better negotiation about the services can be achieved.

Cloud security is the core area of concern, it can never be a secure platform

This is another myth that has flooded the industry. But most of the individuals who pass on such an information aren’t aware that they have been using services based on the cloud even when they actually came to know about the term Cloud. Further, they are not able to digest the facts that cloud has to offer regarding costs, scalability and time required in deploying it. Though since cloud is comparatively new, it goes unsaid that attackers or individuals with destructive intentions are surely going to head towards finding a security flaws and take advantage of the vulnerabilities, though the similar is yet the situation with the older hosting solutions.

Concerns regarding cloud security is no different that any other hosting solutions of the past. What companies need to remember is that when you talk about the cloud, you’re still talking about data, applications and operating systems in a data center, running the cloud solution.

It is noteworthy that a number of Cloud Hosting providers implement the best-in-class security modules within their infrastructure, applications and service offerings. Furthermore, a cloud offered by a company is similar to most of the industry-approved security implementations and are same for every user, this is something must greater than that can be implemented or maintained by you at a single organizational level.

Clouds = Hereditarily Insecure

You should be aware that most of the hosting providers have clear SLA structures in place and have their core competencies for keeping their network up and delivery of top notch security to customers. Further, when looking for a secure cloud hosting offerings from a certain provider, beyond the infrastructure and the application, one must get information about how data is managed by them.

Cloud Hosting security can indeed achievable, please visit the following article to know about one among loads of methods of securing Cloud : Importance of API Keys in Cloud. Getting into the depths understanding the facts about Cloud is advisable instead of believing the Myths or assuming anything about Cloud Security.


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