Need of Uniformity & Quality Assurance in Call Center

Need of Uniformity & Quality Assurance in Call Center

How do you create uniformity with your customer care services when you are being called by many customers, of different personalities, with a variety of needs each day? These few suggestions may surely help.

1. Be persistent. It is very common for front-line supervisors to be overloaded with multiple responsibilities assigned by the management. When there is urgency from every corner you have no time to seek help from others, you must have immediate and ultimate solutions on the spot. Self discipline and practicing quality assurance can derive into a long term operations performance goal.

2. Be speculative. A customer expects speculation and measurability in your work on other people’s behalf from a CCS so if you can bring that into practice you will find it easy to handle your customers.

3. Be adaptable and far-reaching. The customer care representative can adapt his/her behavior to meet or exceed the set standard. Changing behavior is a challenging task for most of the people but the people with flexible minds have least resistance and can acclimatize to change cordially. But change has to be motivated. Then why is it that even after motivation people don’t change? Possibly because there are not real rewards for delivering extraordinary results or penalty for poor performance.

4. Be genuine and helpful. Dealing with real people needs the usage of behavioral elements that are flexible and measurable. Even if you have answered the customer’s question and resolved the issue you should ask them “Anything else that I can help you with?” “What else can I do for you?” etc. By offering such extra help, they start gaining confidence in you which creates a friendly atmosphere for further interaction. Your own style of interaction helps to engage customers after you make sure you’ve resolved the customer’s questions not a ticket.

5. Be ready to go extra miles. You need to take extra steps some times and take your own decisions that you deem best, to accommodate even zero tolerance customers in the interest of the organization.


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