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Need & Purpose of SSL

Need & Purpose of SSL

Websites that stores ‘sensitive’ information like Credit Card details, personal information about other people (like names and addresses, Identity Numbers, Passwords etc) or sensitive company information, should only acquire the data from the individual via a secure connection. Not only is a secure connection important to protect you (the website owner) from fraud, but it is essential to protect your customers and staff from fraud as well.

It is important because data transferred from a non-secure internet connection is send in a plain text format from the users PC to the destination & it likely to be intercepted. A person with vicious intentions can simply listen to the right ports or look in the right place to read the exactly data that is transferred. So you can think if your password or Credit card number is intercepted what will be the result.

We at Eukhost Ltd. take every necessary precautions to safeguard our Dedicated Hosting servers and every other types of Affordable Web Hosting services that we offer.

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