Niche and Keyword Research Tools

Niche and Keyword Research Tools

Niche and Keyword Research Tools

Google is arguably the best tools one can use to do the initial keyword research. It will also help you find a much deeper niche for you, probably very lucrative and which is possibly already making lots of profits for the competitors, and it will also show you the most relevant keywords associated with the niche.

So before using the keyword tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Market Samurai, for example, we shall use Google and yet another very good niche finder tool to find a good niche for you.

The good niche finder tool I am writing about here is the one I use the most It is definitely one of the most popular article submission directories on the internet. It is arguably the best in its category one can find and use for his or her marketing research. It has plenty of resources which you can use to build up your niche website too. Thus, I feel it is the best starting point for our new niche website.

For our example niche website, let us see how we can find a good niche market using

Type in your browser’s address bar and you will see this screen as the home page of that wonderful website. The various popular global markets are right there on its home page the Articles Categories on its home page!

These categories are the fundamental markets from where we can find sub-markets, and from the sub markets, we shall find our niche markets and various very high quality and focused articles which will help us build our own niche market website quickly. So here it is: the article categories, which we shall use to find our new niche market first:

finding your niche

When you place your cursor on any of those categories, the inner sub markets will be displayed:

Finding your niche

So, when you place your mouse cursor over the Finance category, for example, a pop-up window will display the various niche topics associated with Finance. In the above example, these various niches are: Auto Loans, Bankruptcy, Personal Bankruptcy, Credit Counseling, Income Taxes, Taxes Tools, and so on.

Let us see another such category, Home and Family, which will display various good sub topics like: Adolescent Care, Adoption Foster Care, Baby Boomer, Board games, Crafts and Hobbies, Crafts Supplies, Fatherhood, Elder Care, Grand parenting, Gardening, Pregnancy, Motherhood, Step parenting, and so on. Each of those sub topics are very hot niche topics and are well-known as money makers for a lot of internet marketers.

Then there is yet another great market which will stay profitable for many years to come Health and Fitness, which has plenty of sub niches, and sub-sub niches and a lot more! You can go as deep into a niche market and still find some great topics which you can use as your new niche market.


example, the niche market inside Health and Fitness category can be Skin Care, and if you want to go still deeper into the Skin Care niche market, you can find a very lucrative hot-selling product category the wrinkle creams.

So this is how you can come down to a great niche market with plenty of opportunities to make money because this particular niche market cannot be saturated until the human ageing process exists!

So let us see how good this wrinkle creams niche market really is by first using the greatest research/search tool world has ever seen Google Search, its main URL being: Remember, Google offers you plenty of options so that you can target a particular geographic region for marketing your product and services. For example, if you wish to target the huge Indian market, you can use, or if you wish to target the UK market, you may use to do your localized research.

So let us try to find a good niche market which is a very hot market right now, and which is going to stay around as hot global market for many years to come wrinkle creams.

Next, open Google search site in your web browser and type the word wrinkle cream once without the surrounding quote marks and once with the surrounding quote marks intact.

You will find a similar result like the following image:

The Google result page shows some very interesting facts about the wrinkle cream niche On the right hand side, the Ads section shows plenty of advertisements. It denotes that this particular niche market can be potentially a money-making niche market, which indeed it is!

The section below the search bar also shows the various brands and stores for this particular keyword it denotes that this is indeed a big-to-huge money-spinning market as there are various brands and stores prominently shown by Google.

The new Google search page also enables you to see the other good keywords and key-phrases suggested by Google itself. It is a huge benefit for us as we readily get some good keywords for our research.

So write down such keywords suggested by Google. By making some adjustments and fine tunings to our initial keyword wrinkle cream, Google will help us with more appropriate keyword and key-phrase suggestions.

By simply typing a space in front of the keyword wrinkle cream in the Google search bar, you will be shown other great keywords in the Google’s suggestion box that appears below the search bar.

Write down about 25 to 50 such suggestions which we shall use in our special keyword research tools like Google Adwords keywords research tool and Market Samurai.

You may use any other keyword research tool as you may like as there are plenty of good keyword research tools in the market, of which some are free while others are paid tools. For our study, we shall see how the above two keyword research tools work.

Once you have collected some good keywords suggested by Google related to our target niche market wrinkle cream, we shall begin our research using the specific research tools one each among the free and the paid research tools.

You may alternatively also collect the set of keywords from other sources and only one such great method of collecting keywords for further research is mentioned above.

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