Now available over 100 new domain extensions.

Now available over 100 new domain extensions.

The internet is growing at a very rapid pace which has made it difficult for business to find a relevant home in the digital sphere. Given the fact that thousands of websites and new domain names are being registered each day the eventual need for alternatives was being felt for quite some time now. There were not many options left for businesses to portray themselves over the web.

The internet regulator ICANN which received numerous applications in this regard took the correct decision and agreed to allocate new web addresses (meaning more real estate on the web). In October 2013, the first set of gTLDs from ICANN’s New gTLD Program were released which means that those domain suffixes were now in the internet database.

Under the new tld expansion program there would be a huge variety of domain extensions up for grabs. We recently announced the launch of .uk domain and the .london domain names which makes London one of the very few cities in the world to have its own domain name. In addition to these there are lots of other tlds like the .Florist, .Holiday, .Solution, .Support for small business and the kinky ones like .Ninja, .Sexy,and .Guru.

eUKhost has always been forward thinking and as a result, introduced the new domain names which would allow our customers and other business owners to register domain names with the newly launched tld’s.

There are thousands of new domain suffixes which would be released gradually and we would allow customers to register these domain names as soon as they are made available by ICANN. For those who would like to get their hands first on the best tlds can do so by creating their own watch-list with us.

You can have a look at the different domain extension that would be available and create a watch list in the Pre-order phase. Once you create a watch-list you would get continuous updates regarding the status of the domain you desire and when you can register them.

For information you can see our new domain extensions list or ask our sales team on live chat or phone to secure your favourite domain name before anyone else does.