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September 8, 2008 / Industry News Web Hosting

One Way Links Tips for getting them and also getting the associated web traffic!

Amazing Traffic Tips: Getting one way links from related and high ranking websites and blogs are surefire methods of getting high ranking from the top search engines, especially Google, making your site popular, getting waves of web traffic, and also establishing your site as an authority site in your niche.

The success of your website or blog depends chiefly on how well it, especially its web pages, ranks in the search engine result pages (SERPs). If your site ranks on the first page of the SERPs, then you will get a lot of visitors to your website. It is, therefore, a must for all the webmasters to focus on getting their website optimized for the search engines and rank high in their result pages for the keywords they choose as the theme of the web site and its different web pages.

Link building, especially building the one way links to your important web pages, is the key to rank high in the SERPs. Getting high quality and relevant one way links to your web pages should be done over a period of time to make the process of getting those one way links natural to the search engines. If you get 1,000 links in a day or two will be flagged negatively and as suspicious by the search engines, and your site may lose the ranking and the visibility on their result pages, especially if your site is new and did not have such surge of receiving a lot of back links in the past.

By building one way links from relevant websites and blogs, you are assured of getting a lot of quality and targeted web traffic to your site. A massive traffic to your site also generates a lot of revenue if your site is also optimized with relevant products and sales pitch.

Link Popularity due to a lot of quality one way links

When a lot of quality and relevant websites link to your web pages, those other quality websites can send your web pages a lot of their own website visitors. The other factor that is achieved is that the quality website can also send you a part of their own page rank, if their web page permits. When a quality and relevant high-ranking web page points a one way link to your website, it means that your web pages are having high quality content and they are happy to allow their own visitors to go to your web pages for quality information.

Such quality one way links generate link popularity to your web pages. Because these quality websites have highly important web pages on their site, any link arising from those important web pages will also grant importance to your linked web pages. Hence, getting links pointed to your web pages from such important web pages is considered as link popularity.

When the links on those other websites are created using your own top keywords as the anchor text of the link, your web page gets added importance. So, look for opportunity to get your keywords embedded as anchor text in the links pointing to your site.

To get full result from the one way link, there are some factors that search engines look for when they analyze those links. They are:

  • The web page that links to your web page should itself be a high ranking web page.
  • The web page that points links to your site should also be having the same or similar niche as your own.
  • The number of outgoing links on that web page that links to your web page should not exceed 50. If this number is low, then the importance of your web page increases.
  • The anchor text of the link should also be one of your important keywords of the web page that is linked on your site.
  • The web site that points to your web page should itself be indexed in the search engine. There are instances of a site being banned or blacklisted for any reason, and the links originating from those banned web pages lose their importance too.
  • Also, getting a lot of links quickly from other sites can get your website de-listed or de-indexed.
  • Your own high page ranks can easily get you many one way links as other websites are eager to link to good content that a high-ranking website, especially a page rank of 5 or above, has.

If you are able to get a one way link from a web page that has a very high rank, for example a page rank of 5 or above, then that single one way link will give your web page more importance than one way links from web pages ranking between 0 and 4. Even if those high ranking web pages have a “rel=nofollow” attached to the link, still your web page will get a lot of web traffic from those pages because of the link pointing to your web page are indication to their visitors that they can find good content on your web page.

Web directories can produce very important one way links to your web pages, especially the, which, unfortunately is also very hard link to get. But, it is not impossible task, and there are many other important specialized websites like Squidoo that can quickly generate a huge traffic to your website.

Next, we will see how to get high ranking one way links from authority sites like the web directories and other highly respected websites like the social bookmarking sites that can also quickly send massive amounts of quality web traffic to your website.

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