Open Source cloud A Promising Future

Open Source cloud A Promising Future

An ideal working environment for the thin clients built around the cloud should ideally hold the below mentioned features :

  • Ease of customization
  • Either an affordable or free OS
  • Availability of every application that is required, at an affordable or free of charge
  • Networking built into the operating system core
  • Should hold the capability of fitting smaller devices as well
  • It should offer Flexibility and enough powerful for running full laptops
  • Enough greedy in conserving battery life to the most possible degree

Well, all these criterion’s can be fulfilled by Linux. Moreover, even the mobile devices, organizational space and the embedded spaces are making use of Linux. With its use and the combination of Virtual Private Server, even the applications that are primarily designed for Windows, Macs and rest of the OS’s, Linux has been proving itself to be a versatile OS.

Linux: An OS for the cloud hosting

Linux has gone through a number of advancements and improvements and as a result is a product that is being considered to be viable as an embedded OS. Its offering of flexibility with respect to cost and royalty-free licensing, has helped in revolutionizing an entire Industry which faced the monopoly due limited number of players who demanded stiff per-unit royalties. With the time that is passing-by, Linux now has support in real-time and a reliable driver support, which ultimately offers a level of flexibility that was hard to even dream about initially and the availability of required applications is exceptional. Majority of the latest gadgets and devices are making use of Linux as an OS. A perfect example would be its use in the Smartphones, Netbooks, Tablets etc. which is expected to grow even larger.

Its qualities such the offering of flexibility, developer control, power-management facilities and overall stability, has help it in promoting itself to be well suited to older, recycled systems. Now, even your old computing hardware can be re-used with simply loading Linux on it.

Applications and the cloud

Apart from the OS, applications play a necessary role in the architecture as well. It is something that helps users with gaining access to the Cloud. Doing so, it is also important to take the cost factor into consideration. It is just because of the cloud that the concept of thin clients have been possible, more importantly, keeping it a cost effective option is the challenge which can be overtaken by controlling the cost of the software running it.


As most of us are aware, few of the highly powerful network-oriented applications currently present are freely available, for example the Internet browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome , e-mail clients like Thunderbird, Evolution, instant messaging applications like Pidgin, Konversation and the multi-platform application environments like the Java technology. So making use of a combination of any of these offerings can help in making an awesome thin client and that too without the need of paying anything for that.

Ofcourse, this should not be misunderstood that there would not be any costs to pay despite the fact that these applications are free. Though the costs would be much lesser than that if all these applications would have asked for a licensing fees. The costs would be on the work done and the efforts taken on designing and implementation of the entire system.


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