Optimizing Keywords From Free Directory Submissions

Optimizing Keywords From Free Directory Submissions

For submitting in free directories a webmaster should just keep in mind that the directories should be SEO friendly. The PR of the directories won’t be a point of concern as you can submit to directories which have no PR also because sooner or later even those directories will gain a decent PR.

If you are hunting around only for directories with high PR you will notice that most of them are paid ones so it won’t be of much use to you.
You may submit to a number of directories in a day say maybe 20, 50, 100 or also 200. The reason it won’t matter to submit to such an amount of directories is because they get crawled by the spiders in a certain number of days and not at once so it’s all fine.

Target different keywords in the title on a daily basis so that all your keywords get upward push in the search rankings which would be beneficial to your web site in an over all perspective.



  1. Freestyler

    Yes you are right OHS. Webmasters make use of the directories mainly for the backlink purpose itself other than letting surfers know about the availability of their service. There may be a number of people who make use of the directories for finding out a service but I’m sure there won’t be many of them.
    Directories are also a good way of generating income by providing those vital backlinks to websites and that’s the reason one will find a large number of submission directories on the internet.

  2. Those are good points, IMO for backlink point of view directories could help you but I doubt about its real usage, I don’t think most of  people are using a directories to find out a service?

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