Outlook Express

Outlook Express

Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an old e-mail client and news reader for Microsoft. The application was part of the operating system Windows XP. There was also a version for older versions of Mac OS (not Mac OS X), which was free to download. The name suggests a close relationship with Microsoft Outlook, but that is not the case. Outlook is part of Microsoft Office, while Outlook Express can connect earlier with Internet Explorer.

Outlook Express supports the usual set of protocols SMTP, POP3 and IMAP, and SSL variants thereof. Unlike Outlook contains no functionality to the agenda.

Outlook Express can now be regarded as fairly old, but still many people (Windows XP users) the program. There are no new versions of Outlook Express.

Outlook Express has already seen successors: in Windows Vista called Windows Mail.

And today, Microsoft released the Windows Live Mail developed what can be seen as the successor to Windows Mail and Outlook Express. This enables both POP addresses like Hotmail and Gmail addresses at once open. It is part of the Windows Live Suite which is also Windows Live Messenger is free and is in ever newer versions to download.

In Windows 7, the future successor of Windows Vista are not all e-mail program’s standard. In particular to Windows as light as possible and not widely available non-mandatory programs to offer. However, in Windows 7 much advertised for Windows Live programs for free download. Thus the user can thus choose which Windows features he does not choose. And as Windows Live Mail as default email program in Windows 7.

There are recent years security updates and fixes for Outlook Express, but probably the program works.

Windows Mail

Windows Mail is an e-mail client and news reader exclusive to Windows Vista is included. It is the successor to Outlook Express. Microsoft dropped the program for the first time on Channel 9 on October 10, 2005.

Unlike Outlook Express, Windows Mail is not a part of Internet Explorer. It will not be made available for earlier Windows operating systems. Windows Mail will not be included in Windows Server 2008.

The team that developed Windows Mail, also works with Windows Live Mail to Outlook Express for Windows XP and an enhanced version of Windows Mail will replace.

Characteristics Of Windows Mail

The graphical user environment of Windows Mail differs slightly from Outlook Express: the icons in the toolbar have been updated and some features of Outlook 2003 have been added. Internally there are major changes, such as:

* E-mail are no longer in a database stored in separate files. Using an index database is it possible in real time the messages to be searched. The use of this database also improves the stability and reliability of the program. If the database is corrupt then it can get rebuilt on the basis of individual e-mail files.
* Setup of accounts information is no longer in the registry. This is now in a file next to the e-mails themselves saved. This can be a Windows Mail configuration and easily copied to another computer.
* New functionality such as filtering junk mail using Bayesian probability theory and a filter phishing e-mails.
* Microsoft Help Groups has been added, a link to the Microsoft newsgroups. There is additional functionality added to newsgroups, it is now possible to mark a thread as “question” or “answered question”. Messages can also be equipped with a rating.


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