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PHP Developers Most Likely shifting to Rails track

PHP Developers Most Likely shifting to Rails track

Looking to the current trends it seems that PHP developers more likely to be shifting to rails, this is quite obvious that those who are using one open source language are most likely to start experimenting with other open source languages and start getting extraordinary results. Moreover truly on my personal observation the Java Developers are more organized and have already adopted ruby & rails. After going through recent stats its shows there are a good number of PHP developers are diverting to rails. The Rails movement is based on the Rails tagline of being able to write “real-world applications” with less headache and less code than most frameworks spend doing XML sit-ups. To a Java programmer, Rails look like a much simpler way to achieve the same result. But to a PHP developer who has only used small apps might feel it a little difficult in the beginning but it is quite encouraging that they have started experimenting with rails.


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