phpBB vs SMF : Forum Application

phpBB vs SMF : Forum Application

Web hosting is the important thing for a website to host online resources over assigned server space and mostly websites which are running an online business are in need of forum and their are number of popular free bulletin board applications available and phpBB and SMF are two of the most the most useful of them. If we look at PhpBB then it is a popular internet forum package developed in the PHP scripting language which is  an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board this board is available under the GNU General Public License and most important thing phpBB is free and open source software. In short phpBB is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website.

Advantages of phpBB:

  • It has a lot of free mods/plugins/templates
  • Supports MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL database engines
  • password protected forums
  • Fully administrative
  • Easy sorting of posts
  • Easy to filter private message and can be customized

SMF stands for Simple Machine Forums it is a one package, easy to use forum application with many powerful features to manage all the users with administrative control. SMF is also an open-source project made by volunteers from across the world. In simple words it is an elegant, effective,  powerful, free with easy to customize high quality support to set up your own online community within minutes. It is also written in popular open source scripting language PHP and uses a MySQL database with powerful custom made template engine puts you in full control of the layout of your message board.

Advantages of SMF:

  • The installation/uninstallation of additional mods is done through an automatic package manager
  • Supports multiple languages at once
  • Option to display the query count per page
  • Full or partial word censorin
  • Cookie and session based authentication
  • Spell checker

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