phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management system. Web-based administration allows for easy maintenance of interactive, community-driven web sites. phpWebSite’s growing number of modules allow for easy site customization without the need for unwanted or unused features.


phpWebSite allows an individual or group to easily maintain an interactive, community-driven web site.

  • Easy, web-based administration – minimal computer experience is needed to maintain site content.
  • Flexible layout control – site page layout can be changed at anytime.
  • Topic-based announcements – organize site announcements by category with automatic history rollover.
  • Interactive content – visitors can post comments, submit announcements and web links.
  • Full featured event calendar – post events by category and subcategory in a flexible cross-referenced calendar.
  • Customized user experience – themes allow each vistor to customize the web site for his or her preferences or special needs.
  • XHTML and WAI compliance – we are committed to meeting XHTML 1.0 specifications by our 1.0 release. Current errors are minimal.
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