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Physical Security is Essential

Physical Security is Essential

Nowadays, more and more companies are using the cloud hosting as a secure solution to keep their data safe and ensure that they can recover the data at any time if required.

Many of the experts in uk web hosting and corporate industry have agreed that this would be the right strategy, to ensure the data security, safety and restoring their data online in just few clicks would be a comfortable solution. But, if security is regularly discussed when talking about these services, we need to be sure about the physical security as well. If the data is sent via a secure connection, then at the other end of the real infrastructure they must meet very specific requirements to be considered perfectly safe (fire, flood, access, electricity, etc.)…

How to ensure the security of data ?

Only if certain criteria are met then the security of data is complete, it’s not just flow in transit. So companies should not hesitate to ask questions relating to the physical security of the data center.

Among other important questions that can be asked are:

  • Who has access to server rooms ?
  • How to get your does ?
  • What happens if there is an situation of fire ?
  • Is the data center built in a flood or seismic zone ?
  • Do you have redundancy for electrical systems, air conditioning, network lines, etc… in your data center ?

Finally, never hesitate to ask for a document explaining the security measures taken for infrastructure (data center) to prevent disasters.

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