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Precautions To Take Before Downloading Any Spyware Product

Precautions To Take Before Downloading Any Spyware Product

There are a few precautions which should be taken before downloading any spyware protection. If you are unable to take these simple precautions, then it may cause you problems which includes theft of your identy and/or fraud.

Always Run Background Checks Before Downloading the Spayware Removers:

Before you download any spyware product remember to keep the check the background of the company and the product. The information of product is easily available through search engines but do not make full use of it.

Always Check the Discussion Forums You Trust:

The best precaution you can take before choosing a new product is checking through the discussion forums that you are familiar to. Make a search within the relevant sections to see if there is information available regarding the product and company which would entrust your PC security.

Ask Questions at Popular Blogs:

If you do not find the information of the spyware product then you can ask the experts and patiently wait for the reply. You can search for a free online consultation for the views you want. You can easily find them at high traffic forums and blogs where you can leave comments and ask direct questions over there.

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  1. mplexo

    When i was looking for an antispywware product, for use in a business. i came accress many so called products, that contained spyware themselves.

    so i decided to download a few of these just to se what they contained, i used a test machine,so as not to infect anything.

    but after testing a few i found that most of the free demo products, had browser history collectors, and advertising popups. that they installed.
    i seemed that i needed to type my credit card info, to remove these popus the antispyware installed.

    ok i didn’t give them any inforamtion but it just shows that you need to research the product you buy. as you never know who might end up with your details.

  2. BlackLiger

    I’d agree that norton IS a virus, Bob, but not for that reason.

    It’s a pain in the ass to delete however. Took me nearly 4 months including editing the registry to do it.

    That said, I’d personally reccomend AVG anti-spyware (formerly Eweido anti spyware) as it’s never yet let a piece of spam get onto my system.

  3. Bob

    Recently I came across with a post from a forum that Nortan Anti virus is a Virus, If you try their free trial offer, they will start sending you messages for getting Your Credit Card Number and creating other problem to buy their paid version. Its just look horrible to me. Source:

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