Private Cloud An Ideal Business Solution

Private Cloud An Ideal Business Solution

The cloud computing solutions within companies seems to be a much preferred choice by IT managers in the public sector.

In most of the cases, such as management of hardware resources (servers, storage, etc.) and operating systems within the companies is done with the adoption of consolidation and virtualization techniques that helps to reduce costs and allow greater scalability in IT infrastructure.

Particularly, when it comes to large companies it is very much true as it is more convenient for those who have invested in a complex IT infrastructure to take the private cloud dedicated hosting drawing to a market that witnesses some biggest companies like IBM, Microsoft and Vmware in the industry offering innovative solutions.

In the cloud model SaaS (Software as a Service) it is more sensitive when it comes in choosing a platform for web collaboration solutions in order to deal with the private cloud solution, especially for reasons of cost and procurement of specialized skills.

These are some of the reasons that could push small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to turn to the public cloud for using it as a short term solution that could be managed by their own internal staff.

On the other hand, the protection and safeguarding of corporate data are the equally valid reasons for small and medium companies to choose the private cloud solution that ensures a complete protection of their sensitive data and allows them to avoid the work necessary to the reorganization and migration towards the platforms of the same public cloud.

Beyond these considerations (it) should be noted that the field of web communications, with the advent of Web 2.0 (dynamic platforms of instant messaging, Web meetings and team collaboration) has evolved considerably. Websites tendency of becoming interactive portals and sharing of data and information on the web is now a common requirement to all companies, even if these new implementations require specialized resources and higher costs. For SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) these higher costs can be largely contained.

In my view, entrusting the management of internal web collaboration platform for companies specializing in the private cloud, SaaS is the model that is safeguarding both the technological innovation that offers security to a company.

The model cloud is particularly suited to maximize the synergy of web communication between the branch offices and companies with headquarters and the same with the outside world. The cloud solution allows you to integrate and maintain the suite of IT infrastructure without any intervention of specialized personnel. It allows you to keep the web server and main within the IT structure and exceeds the limitations imposed by the cloud above the public space to secure corporate data. This is an ideal solution for business operations of any size.