Redeployment Questions for Sales Department

Redeployment Questions for Sales Department


Sales Department Question Paper

Please Read before you start answering questions:-

1) Each question carries 2 Marks
2) 1 Mark will be deducted incase of wrong answer
3) You have 1 Hours time to answer all 50 questions
4) Multiple answers for a specific question should be chosen only if specified.

SEO Questions

1) Name the three most important elements in the head section of an HTML document that are employed by search engines. Check all that apply.

a. Title
b. Meta Description
c. Meta Robots
d. Alternate text

2) Which tag is given the highest priority on a page by search engines?

a) Alt Tag
b) Meta Tags
c) Title Tag
d) No follow tag

3) Which of the following techniques is unethical and can be a reason for banning?

a) Building backlinks.
b) Rewriting the titles to include the target keywords.
c) Creating a doorway page instead a home page.
d) Rewriting dynamic URLs into static.

4) Which of the following techniques are white hat seo techniques? Check all that apply.

a) Hidden Content
b) Quality Inbound Links
c) Link Farming
d) Quality Content

5) For which of the following file types a SEO expert needs to provide an alternative textual description? Check all that apply.

a) html.
b) swf.
c) pdf.
d) gif.

6) What does organic search results mean? Check all that apply.

a) It is the same as natural search results.
b) These are the results from .org domains only.
c) This is the opposite to paid listings.
d) Organic are the sites that are most recently added to the index.

7) How important are metatags today?

a) Not important at all.
b) They have only minor importance, but it can be neglected.
c) Somehow important.
d) Very important, almost as much as keyword density.

8) You have just launched a new site. Unfortunately, nobody visits it, even search engines’ spiders don’t notice it. What can you do for its SEO success? Check all that apply.

a) Get some fancy fonts for the titles and headings.
b) Add gorgeous Flash movies to the site.
c) Submit the URL of the site to search engines and search directories.
d) Get some free links from the greatest hacker sites because backlinks always boost rankings.

9) You have been doing perfectly in Google but all of a sudden you drop low. What will you do? Check all that apply.

a) Sue Google for the damage they are inflicting me.
b) I will immediately revamp my site to get higher keyword density.
c) I will monitor my site for a month and then I will decide what to do.
d) Since I am so much dependent on Google, I will consider buying paid listings.

10) What is necessary to do for optimizing Flash sites? Check all that apply.

a) Put the most important items in a Flash presentation on the home page
b) Add descriptive metatada to the Flash presentation.
c) Provide alternative pages that describe the contents of the Flash presentation.
d) Have a good keyword density in the Flash presentation.

11) Which of the following techniques is best for dealing with duplicate content?

a) Rewriting the title and the headings.
b) Rearranging the placement of paragraphs.
c) Changing the directory in which a file resides or renaming it in order to make the URL different.
d) Re-wording the text.

12) Which of the options below is the best way to select the keywords to optimize for:

a) See which keywords have the highest density at the sites of your competitors.
b) See in Overture which of the keywords that are related to your site had most searches recently and optimize for them.
c) Write a list of the keywords that come to your mind and optimize for at least 3 of them.
d) Use a tool to determine the theme of your site.

13) What aspects of a hyperlink are important for SEO? Check all that apply.

a) The visibility of the link text.
b) The anchor text, especially the keywords in it.
c) The place from which the link originates.
d) The image that is used as an anchor for the hyperlink.

14) If you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which of the following are recommendable to do in order to rank well in country specific search results? Check all that apply.

a) Add the name of the country in all page properties
b) The site should be hosted in the same country, so that its IP falls in the range of IPs that are specific for this country.
c) Submit the site to local search engines and directories.
d) Use geotargeting.

15) What is meant by Google bombing?

a) Submitting the site again and again in order to include it in Google’s index.
b) Multiple sites linking to the same site, with the same anchor text in order to get high ranking for the keyword in the anchor text.
c) Extensively using the word Google on your pages in order to get high rankings with Google.

16) What does the term Sandbox mean in SEO?

a) The box with paid ads that appear when you perform a search.
b) The first 10 search results for a particular keyword.
c) This is where sites are kept till they get mature enough to be included in the top rankings for a particular keyword.
d) A special category of sites that are listed in kid-safe searches.

17) How long is the period of keeping sites sandboxed?

a) 4 weeks.
b) 3 months.
c) 1 year.
d) Not defined.

18) What are supplemental results?

a) Paid listings that appear for a particular keyword.
b) Listings that do not have all the keywords in them.
c) Filtered results that are similar to the ones already shown.
d) Additional search results that will be served on your request.

19) When do you apply for re-inclusion in a search engine’s index?

a) When you have made changes to your site.
b) When you have changed your hosting provider and the IP address of your site.
c) After you have been banned from the search engine for black hat practices and you have corrected your wrongdoings.
d) When you are not happy with your current ratings.

20) What are the advantages of submitting sites to web directories? Check all that apply.

a) Submitting to directories increases your rating with search engines.
b) By submitting to a directory, you get a backlink to your site.
c) By submitting to a directory your site gets certified.
d) When your site is listed in search directories, this increases the chances that search engines will index it sooner, compared to when it is not listed.

Web Hosting Questions:-

1) Where is eUKhost Datacenter located in UK?

a) Durham
b) London
c) Maidenhead
d) Edinburgh

2) What is the name of our Datacenter where we have setup our new high configuration Q6600 Servers ?

b) Bluesquare
c) Fastservers
d) Rackspace

3) Which of these control panels is not offered with our Dedicated Servers?

a) cPanel
b) Plesk
c) LXAdmin
d) Hosting Controller

4) Each Server in our datacenter is setup on ________ Mbps, fully-switched port on an edge switch. (Fill in the blank)

a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

5) What is the percentage of commission we offer to our affiliates (eUKhost)?

a) 5 %
b) 10 %
c) 15%
d) 20%

6) What Brand of servers do we use for our servers?

a) HP
b) Dell
c) Compaq
d) Sun Microsystems

7) How many MySQL or MSSQL databases can a client create on any of our hosting plans?

a) 10
b) 50
c) 100
d) Unlimited

8) If a client wishes to host multiple website on our shared hosting plan what would you suggest him? Check all that apply.

a) Suggest him to use separate package for each domain
b) Use Add-on domain function
c) Suggest him a reseller or a vps
d) Multiple website hosting is restricted on shared hosting

9) In the case of ______ domains transfer, you will have to change the IPS TAG to ENOM to get the domains transferred to our hosting.

a) All UK TLDs
b) .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz
c) .us
d) .in

10) Which of these is not a VPS platform?

a) OpenVZ
b) Virtuozzo
c) Xen
d) Zen

11) Which of the following shopping carts can be installed through Fantastico ? Check all that apply

a) Zen Cart
b) osCommerce
c) RealCart
d) StaticCart

12) What is Drupal ?

a) HTML Editor
b) Content Management System
c) Community Forum Software
d) Operating System

13) Is it possible to create sub reseller account under main reseller account ?

a) Yes
b) No

14) Do we provide SSH / RDP access with our semi-dedicated plans ?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Optional

15) This locates a specific page on the World Wide Web.

a) IP address
b) Domain Name
c) URL
d) Path

16) This term means dividing the amount of work that a computer has to do between two or more computers so that more work gets done in the same amount of time and, in general, all users get served faster.

a) Routing
b) Shared hosting
c) Load Balancing
d) Colocation

17) In the Web hosting business, this refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a Web server, related software, and connection to the Internet, housed in the Web hosting company’s Datacenter.

a) Reseller hosting
b) VPS Hosting
c) Co-location
d) Dedicated hosting

18) Which of the following databases is supported on both Linux and Windows Hosting?

b) MySQL

19) How many gigabytes are there in a terabyte?

a) 100 GB
b) 1000 GB
c) 10000 GB
d) 100000 GB

20) What is MySQL?

a) MySQL is a popular database tool that developers use.
b) MySQL is another name for SQLServer, since they were both created at the same type by competing companies.
c) MySQL is the sequel to a romance novel written by a survivor of the Titanic disaster, whose genius was not realized until after she died a few years ago.

21) Using which login credential do customers login in their client area of our modernbill

a) username & password
b) email address & password
c) domain & password
e) none of the above

22) Fantastico is a product of ?


22) what is the approx GBP to USD currency conversion rate right now ?

a) £1 = $2
b) £1 = $1.5
c) £1 = $2.5
d) £1 = $3

23) .ch domain TLD belongs to which country ?

a. China
b. Switzerland
c. Czhecoslovakia
d. Chile

24). domains are reserved for ?

a. Ministry of Defence and HM Forces public sites
b. government (central and local)
c. network moderators use only
d. UK Registered companies.

25). domains are for ?

a. Ministry of Defense and HM Forces public sites
b. government (central and local)
c. personal domains
d. Aeronautics.

26). .eu domain registry is managed by ?

a. European Union
b. Nominet

27). .com and other gTLD domains registry is managed by ?

d. Networksolutions

28) Which of the following is mandatory to run a website?

a) Domain Name
b) IP Address
c) Web Hosting Company
d) Browser

29) A Domain name can have maximum how many characters?

a) 64
b) 48
c) 32
d) 128

30) Biggest number that an IP address can have in any of its octet is ?

a) 256
b) 255
c) 264
d) 254

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