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RSS for business

RSS for business

RSS or Really Simple Syndication offers webmasters a unique opportunity to display fresh content on websites.
RSS is a new way to broadcast corporate news and structured information.

The RSS contents are published as a feed and the feed’s content keep a record of corporate news and information.
The RSS feeds are read using a tool which is known as news aggregator or RSS reader. The aggregator periodically checks if the RSS news feed has been updated. When the RSS feed gets updated, RSS reader automatically retrieves the new information and displays.

RSS news aggregators were initially designed to receive text-based content. As users find outside-the-box uses for RSS, developers of RSS readers are struggling to release new versions that support the enclosures businesses are eager to use.

Following are the business uses for RSS :-

1. PDF documents :-
PDF documents can be included with a feed which allows interested visitors to gain some more information.

2. PPT presentations :-
powerpoint presentations can be easily included with feed.

3. Videos and Audios :-
Videos and audios are usually added with RSS feed. Live shows,debates are popular videos while expert comment about products, lectures, product usage instructions are popular audios enclosed with RSS feed.

4. Images :-
Now-a-days, we just cant imagine web pages without images. RSS feeds carry a light-weight catalog of products with them to show to the potential buyers.

Thus, businesses now using RSS feed as a great communication medium. Some traditional businesses are still struggling for monthly newletters, while innovative businesses are receiving great benefits of RSS.



  1. Bob

    Feedburner is one of the good tool to syndicate your content, worth to use!

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