How to Run a Broadcasting Station using Shoutcast on Linux

How to Run a Broadcasting Station using Shoutcast on Linux

Follow the steps:

1. Download:…s_posix_040.tgz

2. Untar

tar -zvxf sc_trans_posix_040.tgz

3. Configure

cd sc_trans_posix_040

pico sc_trans.conf

Make sure that the config file points to the Playlist file you are going to generate in step 4. You need to configure these configuration variables:

– PlayListfile

– ServerIP: This is the IP of your Shoutcast server which is probably the same server.

– ServerPort: Port 8000 is default

– Password: This is the password that you enter in the Shoutcast server configuration

– Bitrate: Depending on your radio, you can tweak the bitrate here

– The rest are fine default.

4. Create a playlist based on mp3s on the server:

find /path/to/mp3/directory -type f -name “*.mp3” > playlist.lst

5. Start your Shoutcast server

cd /path/to/shoutcast/server/

nohup ./sc_serv &

nohup and & is not compulsory but is nice to have. Nohup outputs to a log file and & runs the process in the background and returns you to shell.

6. Start your broadcast

cd /path/to/broadcast/server/

nohup ./sc_trans_linux &

It should now be playing. Access your server by going to http://serverip:8000/listen.pls or if there’s an URL on that IP, you can use the URL as well.

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