The Secret of Getting Your Business Onto Smartphones

The Secret of Getting Your Business Onto Smartphones

A mobile website implies to a simpler, less weighted version of a website optimized to be easily viewed on the small screens of Smart-Phones and other hand-help mobile devices. It’s basically an automated process where a software detects from where the visitor has come from, if it’s from a mobile device then a mobile compatible version of your website is shown.

During the initial phases, it was desktop computer’s, then came Laptops, Tablets and now Smart-phones, which people use to access the world wide web. It’s evolved from a mere telephony system to one of the primary means to connect and communicate.

A large volume of users now use mobile devices enabled with GPRS and 3G technologies to connect to the Internet. Scenario where we used to find people carrying a heavy laptops is shifting, now people have started using handheld smartphone devices more. And why not, it’s a much convenient way to carry and carry out the same tasks that you’d have done using laptops.

Companies have realised this change in trend and recognized the potential it holds for businesses. Therefore, in order to suit the changing user trends, a number of businesses now-a-days have a mobile friendly version of a website in-place, something which users would find simpler to access at their convenience and comfort.

A mobile version of a site is an alternate version of your website with a scaled and simplified approach to best fit on a much smaller screen size.

It is one of the demanding factors for any businesses today, to build a website to be accessible via. mobile devices. Building a design with this very intention in mind forms the first part of the process. With an appropriate design in place, users would be able to find solutions to their problems almost instantly by visiting your site using smart-phones.

Finding answers on the go via. handheld devices, is a conveniently simple way and something that can be done in no time. Considering this fact, it is important to have a simple navigation structure.

Though there are lot many things that users do over their smart phones such as use social networking apps, watch video, listen to audio, and surf the web. A corporate version of website must ensure that the users get to find anything and everything that is useful to visitors.

If you observe the psychology of a user using smart-phones to access the web, you’d realise that they’d usually search the web either for seeking directions or instructions or both. So, inorder to best benefit from this, you can have a locator application over the mobile site design where the users don’t need to spend long hours searching for a particular thing.

Analyze the requirements and browsing patterns of your consumers, keeping that in mind design a website where users can easily reach their intended destinations. Always try and ask yourself whether the site is user friendly. Is the navigation structure simple ?

This was about the front-end, you should also consider certain facts about the back-end. Different mobile networks use different servers, platforms & technologies, with that in mind, it is important to ensure that your site is compatible with all these specs to further enhance the accessibility.

The more simpler your mobile website version is, the better. Avoid stuffing pages with large unoptimized images, videos or anything that’d make the pages and ultimately the entire website heavy for mobile browsers. Try to provide the best information to users as early as possible. The faster your pages are found, the better it is.

From an overview, you might find creating a mobile version of your website much simpler than the one for PC’s and laptops, though it is true to a large extent, still certain important factors such as well optimized pages play a crucial role in its performance.

Following is a wrap-up of few of the most advantageous aspects of having a mobile version for a website:

Better Customer Experience

It goes without saying that Mobile compatible version of a website is specifically for handheld devices and not for desktop browsing. Based on research about mobile website usability, it has been observed that a website that is well optimized for handheld devices such as smartphone have shown a significant increase in the customer experience, satisfaction and sales.

Following is a graph of users that shows the trends in web browsing via. Smartphones


Enhanced Download Rates

Since the mobile version of a site is specifically designed for accessibility over mobile phones, users get to experience a better download rate than as compared to a non-optimized version. Hence decreasing the waiting time for the pages to load, further allowing users to surf the other pages of a website.

Increased User Engagement

If a website is easily accessible over a majorly used platform, more and more users would find it easier engaging with your website. Moreover, if you’ve shared your location over the web, users can find your store easily within a geographic location.

Support For your SEO Strategy

If your website is easily accessed via. different mediums, more traffic would be coming onto your website, hence offering you an upper-hand in search engines ranking that would showup in the SERPs as well.


Engage in promoting businesses across mobile platforms is one of the fast emerging strategies used by many companies. Having a website compatible for mobiles can be one of the fruitful mediums of creating a distant brand.

This further helps with strengthening brand identity for your company. A website that is also accessible via. smartphones, which is the latest mediums of connecting to the world wide web used today, tends to offer flexibility to the users.

Portability and Connectivity

Since your website can be accessed while on the move and at whatever hour of the day, enables users to connect with you at anytime and from wherever they are. This enhanced reach-ability creates a sense of trust about your brand in the eyes of the prospective clients, so next time when they think of buying a product or service for a certain niche, they wouldn’t search for providers over search engines, but visit your site directly and place an order.

A Leading Edge over Competition

Having a mobile optimised website can put you in a leading edge in competition. Incase your site cannot be reached via. smartphones, it goes unsaid that the visitors would move over to a site that is reachable. So, in order to stay in competition it is suggestible to build a mobile compatible version of your website.

Enhanced Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness In Comparison to App Development

You would find a number of applications being developed and published for smartphones these days, but its much simpler and cost effective option having a mobile version of a website. Moreover, it is usually true that a certain app can only be used on a particular smartphone, if you intend to make it available for other hand-held devices, its important to develop a different app for the particulars.

Apart from that, users must download it prior to using it, while a mobile compatible website can easily be accessed universally via. mobile browsers, hence making it a more convenient and a cost effective way of offering accessibility to users.

Offering a Larger Playground of Advertisement Opportunities

Being one of the fast paced means of advertising, it offers some great opportunities to marketers, something that is different from other marketing mediums and reaching the targeted audience. Search engines too are now capable of tracking traffic from mobile’s and mobile browsers, so if you have setup an account on Google AdWords there is a good news for you as your ads might be viewable on smart-phones as well hence further increasing your chances of traffic offering you a better ROI.

The Future of Web Accessibility

eukhost QR Code

We’ve observed some updates in the Internet technologies recently in the couple of years lately, where some dramatic changes have been observed compared to traditional ways. One of the examples is the Cloud computing technology and is considered to be the future of computing. Similarly, there is a fast paced shift in the way we previously accessed the web. If you already have a website and if you’ve checked traffic metrics recently, you’d find an increasing volume of traffic from mobile devices, which means more and more people are accessing the web via. mobile devices. Therefore, it should be beneficial having a mobile compatible version of your website in place, you never know when the biggest order would get placed via. a hand-held mobile device.

To support this fact, we find QR Codes at number of places such as hoardings, banners, packaging boxes etc.. It’s a simple image file that can be scanned either using a QR Code or Bar Code scanner installed on a smart-phone device, it has an embedded URL of the respective website that can be scanned easily. This makes accessing a website pretty simple if you have a smart-phone with the app. installed.