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Securing Your Crucial Business Data Using R1Soft CDP Solution

Securing Your Crucial Business Data Using R1Soft CDP Solution

Data, be it for any sort of business, is usually the most sensitive aspect to an enterprise. Enterprises are in a constant endeavor to safeguard this crucial aspect for business continuity. Few might have even experienced situations when data might have got lost/stolen due to any reasons such as hacks, thefts, corrupt databases, injections, human errors etc. Thereafter, despite an inability  to recover it to the fullest, the costs involved with retrieving the best possible would have been high as well. This was only about the financial loss that an enterprise would usually face, not to mention the irreversible harm caused to the reputation.

Since the time Internet experienced a massive boom, most businesses have been striving to make a firm online presence, where most of their data is stored online either over cheap and affordable web hosting servers or over Dedicated and Cloud Servers. An increasing concern encircles the IT managers about safeguarding their mission critical data with the rapid changes happening online. A viable solution that help enterprises ensure data protection is by opting for a backup and DR solution. It is one of the best means to maintaining a copy of your data over offsite servers. There are numerous backup solutions that one can choose from best suitable for your business requirements. Organizing the backups at a safe distantly located server equally ensures quick restoration. Offsite backups are also one of the most promising means of disaster recovery. Depending on the volume of your data, you must choose an appropriate backup plan offered by providers. R1Soft Continuous data protection (CDP ) is a tool to consider to suffice your needs of data protection.

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection

An Insight of R1Soft CDP

Traditional backup solutions had certain flaws where continuous data protection wasn’t guaranteed, all the data over a server was backed up each time the tool came into action, hence increasing the load over servers, making it even more difficult to manage the large volume of files created over the server. R1Soft offered a solution where it was able to detect particular files that had undergone changes since the last backup and take a backup of only those. This is termed as an incremental backup where the changed files are overwritten saving the hard-disk space and other server resources. R1Soft uses a powerful compression technology that helps in reducing the overall size of the data to the best possible percentage, hence allowing it to fasten the process of backups and restoration.

Why do you need an R1Soft CDP for the server running your business website ?

If you have a busy website where the content is updated frequently, you would need a backup solution that is capable of taking a backup of your site and its database very often, for example every 10 mins. With R1Soft CDP, you can schedule the tool accordingly and stay rest assured. It would only update those files and folders that have undergone changes, hence causing no adverse effects on the performance of your site yet preparing it for any disasters.

Now, referring back to the first paragraph, if you ever encounter a similar situation, having an R1Soft solution can help you avoid the costs of restoring all the data. All you need to do is log into the R1Soft management console, choose the backup instance from a list, click restore and get your site back online within no time, as if nothing had happened.

If your server hardware crashes for some reason, lets consider that the hard-disk fails, you may contact your hosting provider, ask them to replace the hard drive with a new one,  run restore from your R1Soft management console and get your site back online instantly.

Online threats such as attacks, breaches, hacks are a common concern these days. You never know when fraudsters would choose your site to be their next target. But if you are equipped with R1Soft CDP solution you needn’t worry about it too much. Its robust encryption technology ensures that the stored backup files are protected from theft, even if someone does get an access to it somehow, it would be of no use to them as the data would be in an unreadable encrypted format, hence avoiding its use for any fraudulent activities, though that would hardly be the case as even the backup servers have tight security measures in place.

R1Soft offers an easy to use GUI panel that makes it easy to understand and use by anyone. It allows you to customize backup schedules according to user preferences. Its wide range of built-in features have something or the other to offer to a wide variety of users.

You might want to refer Offsite Backup Hosting Solution based on R1Soft’s CDP Technology for more information about the solution. A number of hosting providers now-a-days use this very useful tool to offer data protection services to users. The popularity of R1Soft has been growing day-by-day amongst users, hence finding support isn’t a difficult task. Its affordable cost is another factor to add to its popularity. It’s considered to be one of the most reliable tools for data protection world-wide, so choosing a host that offers R1Soft CDP solution can prove to be one of the best decisions for safeguarding your data over the world wide web.

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