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Server Rental

Server Rental

Server Rental

When you have a dedicated server or colocate your own servers within a datacentre, you have to pay a rental fee on a pre-agreed basis in order to have the right to use the service that you are provided with. Server rental fees are normally paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis depending on the length of time that you plan on using the server that you are renting for. In the case of server rental fees for a dedicated server, a majority of the cost that you are paying goes towards covering the costs that your web hosting provider has to pay in order to source the hardware needed, although your dedicated hosting provider will also need to take into consideration the cost of electricity and bandwidth within the server rental fee that you pay. If you have your own colocated dedicated server then you will find that the server rental fee which you are paying covers the cost of the bandwidth and electricity that your server uses, since you have to physically own the server concerned for colocated server hosting.

Dedicated servers are the most popular form of dedicated web hosting since they provide businesses and individuals with a high specification web hosting environment that they are able to use for as long as they want, and if they don’t need a dedicated server anymore then they can simply terminate their dedicated hosting contract if they are paying on a monthly basis. Dedicated servers are probably the most reliable form of web hosting since like a majority of other forms of web hosting, you don’t share the resources of a dedicated server with anyone else meaning that you have sole access to all server resources. Dedicated servers hardware, especially high specification hardware can be expensive for dedicated hosting providers, meaning that the cost of higher specification dedicated servers is bound to be expensive. On top of that, web hsoting providers have to add in the cost of electricity and bandwidth for a dedicated server into the server rental fee. And because a web hosting provider needs to make a profit on each dedicated server it sells, they will increase the server rental fee to the average market level in order to achieve the profit that they want.

Colocation server hosting is mainly used by large businesses and enterprises who have many servers but don’t have the money to build their own data centres, meaning that they take advantage of data centre web hosting by colocating their own server racks in a professional web hosting environment. The server rental fee for colocation server hosting is cheaper than that for a dedicated server in most cases since colocation server hosting providers don’t have to add in the cost of server hardware since businesses or individuals have to own the servers that they colocate. With colocation web hosting, you will find that you get a large amount of bandwidth included in your server rental fee; this is mainly because those who are using colocation server hosting normally require larger amounts of bandwidth than those who are using dedicated server hosting. In the case that you are an individual with your own server and want to consider colocation server hosting, you will be probably be better off using a dedicated server since you will probably find that was is included in the dedicated server rental fee suits your needs in a better way.

Server rental fees have gradually dropped over the last few years as connection providers have slowly dropped the price that they charge for their bandwidth, and hardware providers such as Dell and Hewlett Packard have dropped the price that they are charging for their server hardware. Because of this dedicated server hosting providers have dropped their server rental fees, meaning that you can now get cheap server hosting that provides you with a server which is more than fit for the needs of many who require server web hosting. However, some of the best web hosting providers have chosen to keep their server rental fees high so that they are able to gain a bigger profit on any dedicated server sale that they make. Although cheap dedicated server may seem tempting, you may find that there is catch such as the server that you have purchased doesn’t include any form of web hosting support in the server rental fee that you are paying to your dedicated hosting provider.

In the case of business server hosting, you will find that you require a managed dedicated server so that you are able to ensure that any problem you have with it is able to be sorted at any time of the day, and in a serious case at the click of a finger as some would say. Web hosting providers normally charged a high server rental fee for fully managed dedicated servers, since managing a dedicated server correctly can be a hard task even for the most experience support personnel. Server rental fees for semi-managed dedicated server hosting packages are normally lower since not so much support is needed on the side of the web hosting provider, although you as the client should ensure that you have some knowledge to help run your server correctly. Unmanaged dedicated servers are the cheapest form of dedicated server available to rent, since they require no form of support on the side of the dedicated server hosting provider, although it is down to you as the customer to be able to fully manage your own dedicated web hosting server; it is because of this you need to ensure that you have full knowledge of how to run a dedicated server, as you don’t get any support included in your dedicated server rental fee.

In order to receive a reliable web hosting service, you should be considering a dedicated or colocation server hosting service that has a low server rental fee, since you want to ensure you can get the best out of what you are paying for your dedicated server or colocation server hosting service. Although a server rental fee may not always distinguish the quality of the web hosting service that you are receiving, it can be a good indicator; this means that you should also rely on other sources of information such as trustworthy web hosting reviews and friends or colleagues who may have previously used the same server hosting provider. Web hosting providers who charge rediculously high server rental fees are normally some of the biggest web hosting providers around, meaning that if you want to pay a lower server rental fee you may have hard luck and will have to end up going with a provider that may not have much a good reputation.

In conclusion, a server rental fee can have an effect on the quality or reliable of the web hosting service that you receive, although at the end of the day it is all down to the reputation of the dedicated server hosting provider that you have chosen to purchase your dedicated server from or the datacentre that you have chosen to colocate your web hosting servers in. When purchasing a dedicated server or colocation server hosting space, you be ensure that you are going to be receiving enough bandwidth, and power in the case of colocation server hosting.


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