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Server virtualization

Server virtualization

In Server virtualization server resources are masked & a number of operating systems runs on single operating system. All servers are treated as single resources in a network.

A software application is used is used to divide one physical server into multiple servers (virtual enviroment). The servers running in the virtual environment are also called as VPS – Virtual Private Servers.
Server Virtualization helps to strengthen infrastructure, optimize utilization, reduce total costs and improve business longetivity. With server virtualization, multiple operating systems and software batches can be consolidated on a single processor-based platform, and platform resources can be dynamically allocated to meet specific business and application requirements.

Todays Server Virtualization softwares supports number of features which makes it easy. The server virtualization softwares improves security, lustiness & ability. It helps to booste server performance & capacitwith a good server uptime.

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