Shared Secure Server(SSL) Access

Shared Secure Server(SSL) Access

Hosting accounts has an access to a shared secure server. Its not really a separate server but the web pages are displayed through an encrypted connection. Every page on a website can be called through this secured server.

You can access the web pages through the secure server using following path:-

Replace “servername” with the name of the server on which your domain is hosted. Replace “yourdomain” with your domain name without the TLD extension, and replace “filename.html” or “scriptname.cgi” with the name of the file you want to call through the secure server.

Use this path to access scripts located in CGI-BIN-

Note: Always use “https” instead of the usual “http”. Secure calls require the use of the “https”.

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  1. paul

    Thanks for the info! With IIS previous versions configuring SSL on Windows is still troublesome for me.

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