Should I choose a Linux server or a Windows server?

Should I choose a Linux server or a Windows server?

Linux Server Management

Linux is an open source operating system and is a popular choice with consumers and businesses because of the affordable web hosting plans that are available on the platform. In a dedicated sever environment, Linux is able to offer a stable platform on which you can install a vast library of open source applications that are free to use that you can develop your web applications around. A Linux dedicated server provides the ideal platform for PHP and MySQL websites as you will be able to access the source of both of these applications as well as the operating system to optimise performance if you wish to; further security measures can also be implemented across all three to boost the protection of your systems.

eUKhost offers a thorough Linux server management package that will secure your server to a state that will prevent hackers or attackers from having any chance at gaining access to your hosting environment. Some of the measures that will be taken by eUK’s Linux support team include:

  • Mod_security will be installed with our own custom ruleset to prevent any attacks that could be launched through web pages hosted on your server or through Apache
  • The core of PHP will be secured so that any insecure modules are disabled so that they can’t be exploited by hackers through weak PHP scripts hosed on your server
  • The CSF firewall will be installed and configured to block the IP addresses if any computers that try to gain illicit access to your server; this will include Brute Force Detection so that an IP address is blocked after several invalid login attempts on a particular service
  • The default SSH port of 22 will be disabled and the service moved to a more obscure port that can’t be accessed by anyone without the knowledge of the specific port number.

Windows Server Management

Windows is the most established operating system on the desktop and in the hosting environment it is relied upon by a number of large enterprises because of its reputation for reliability and of course, the full support that is offered by Microsoft for its customers. By choosing a Windows dedicated server you can expect a powerful platform for your ASP.NET and MSSQL Server web applications that can cope with high demand and be scaled as necessary; you will also have direct access to the Windows GUI through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client that ships with Windows on the desktop and there is also a Mac version available.

With Windows being an enterprise level platform, eUKhost is keen to support our Windows server customers in all ways we can. The following are examples of how our support team will be able to assist you with your Windows dedicated server:

  • Your server’s audit logs will be reviewed on a regular basis so that both you and our support team are satisfied with the performance of the server and the applications that it is running
  • Assistance will be provided with setting up Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET with IIS so that you can get your web applications setup with in no time at all
  • Up-to-date anti-virus software will be installed with automatic scans scheduled so that if there are any potential security threats on your Windows server, these will be removed instantaneously.

Comparison of a Managed Windows Server and a Managed Linux Server

eUKhost offers a range of dedicated servers that you can customise to meet your own specific needs. Whether you require additional hard drive space so that all of your storage needs are met or extra RAM to run additional services on your server, these are all extras that can be added during the checkout process in order to enhance the performance of your server.

With the core dedicated server hardware being the same on either platform, the choice between a Windows dedicated server and a Linux dedicated server is going to be based upon the technologies that your business uses to develop its web applications. Even though you may be using one operating system to power your internal corporate infrastructure, quite often it can benefit businesses to switch to a different OS for their web services as a way of diversifying their IT infrastructure and saving money under some circumstances.

A Windows dedicated server can provide support for a number of Microsoft applications that are designed for the operating system, but if you don’t have a distinct need for these applications then a Linux dedicated server will be more suiting and a lower cost solution.

Full support is one of the feathers in eUK cap in will be available to our dedicated server customers regardless of the operating system that they choose. All eUKhost dedicated web servers are hosted out of our premier UK data centre located in Maidenhead, Berkshire; on-site staff are available at all hours to rectify issues as they arise, ensuring that the uptime guarantee that we promise to you is met without issue.