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Significance of Domain Name Extensions

Significance of Domain Name Extensions

Do you know that domain name extensions have meanings and purposes? Websites owners are not just using them because they sound good. Some domain name extensions are cheaper than the others. If you are planning to buy your own domain name for your business or personal use and want to use the appropriate domain name extension, then below are the lists of domain name extensions and their meaning and purposes:

(The list also contains a list of the newly formed TLD’s with its description)

  • .com (commercial) – It is a Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) that is controlled by VeriSign Global Registry Services. A .com extension is the most popular and widely used over the worldwide web. Most businesses would usually prefer a domain with this extension and is recognised globally.
  • .net (network) – A gTLD as well which is controlled by VeriSign Global Registry Service. It is the second most popular extension and is used for any online operations.
  • .org (organization) – This extension used to be generally used by by non-profit organizations or trade associations, but not anymore. Many owners of .org domains now build commercial websites. It too is a gTLD that is controlled by Public Interest Registry (PIR)
  • .biz (business) – This gTLD is usually preferred by owners of small business websites and is controlled by NeuStar, Inc.
  • .info (information) – This extension is controlled by Afilias Limited and is the fourth most widely used extension. The general significance of a website built around a domain with .info tld is that you can expect it full of resources and information.
  • .mobi (mobile) – Controlled by Afilias, the domain registered with this extension can be used either for mobile products and services or for a simplified viewing of sites on mobile devices.
  • .us – Controlled by Neustar registry, is an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States.
  • .cceNIC (a VeriSign company) holds control over this cctld. It previously a country code for Coco’s Keeling Islands, but there aren’t any restriction on its usage, anyone from any country can book a domain using this ccTLD. This is unrestricted and may used by anyone regardless of the country. Yet, most who are someway related to the island usually register a domain with a .cc extension.
  • .bzBelize Network Information Center (managed by University Management Ltd) is a country code for Belize. No restrictions are set on registering a domain with this ccTLD regardless of any country.
  • .tv The .tv Corporation (a Verisign company) is for multimedia websites. A domain that mainly has content related to entertainment or media industry usually prefer a .tv tld.
  • .jobs– Controlled by the Employ Media LLC, a domain with this ccTLD extension is registered by companies and organizations to post their job listings. Generally websites related to the human resource industry are seen to register a domain with .jobs extension. It is required to register using legal name of company or organization and should be made by people from the hrm department.
  • .eu – Controlled by EURid, a registrant should be a resident of the European Union. Any of the following criterias must match inorder to register a domain with .eu tld, viz. one should have a registered office, the central administration office of a business should be within the European community, or a company should be established within the European community .
  • .fm – Controlled by dotFM (BRS Media Inc.), a domain with this ccTLD can be registered by anyone and host a website that is related to FM radio.
  • .am – Controlled by AMNIC is now used for AM radio, despite being popularized as a global domain, its more popular amongst users from Armenia.
  • .name – Controlled by Verisign, it’s a Generic TLD. A user can register a domain with this extension for personal usage. Such a domain extension is used usually by websites that hold personal information or photos related to the owner.
  • .edu – Under the control of Educause (operated by VeriSign) is restricted to domains of an educational institute only.
  • .ph – Controlled by the dotPH Domains Inc., it is a ccTLD used for the domains registered by native Philippines. There is no restriction for registering a domain with this extension.
  • .travel – Controlled by the Tralliance Registry Management Company, it is a ccTLD that is restricted to used by websites related to travel industry like travel agents and airlines.
  • .pro – The controlling registry for this ccTLD is RegistryPro and a domain with this extension can only be registered for a business purpose that too by qualified professionals. Professionals from Internet & information technology, consultants, real estate, financial and accounting, engineers, lawyers, communications, medical are the one’s eligible to register a domain with this extension only after credentials of applicants are self-certified prior to registration.
  • .aero – Controlled by SITA INC B.V. (, it is a gTLD which is reserved for association, agencies, and organization that are related to aviation industry.
  • .int – Controlled by IANA ( it is known to have stringent usage policies. Only the International treaty-based organizations have the right to register such a domain. A treaty based evidence such as United Nations treaty registration number.
  • .asia – Controlled by Afilias ( is a TLD is used for a regional domain for Asia and the Pacific. Inorder to register a domain with this extension, you are required to provide one contact in the Asia/Australia/Pacific region and must be based in these regions.
  • .coop – It is controlled by Midcounties Co-operative, it is a TLD reserved for cooperatives only. Co-operatives and associated organisations are allowed to register a domain with this extension only after they are verified through organizations of co-operatives and verifiable materials provided by registrants.
  • .museum – Controlled by The Museum Domain Management Association, a domain with this extension can be registered by owners of a legitimate museum.
  • .tel – Controlled by Telnic Limited, it is a TLD that can be used for domains that hold information regarding contact directory offering various forms of contact information.

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