Simple 5 steps to know How eNlight Cloud Computing Works

Simple 5 steps to know How eNlight Cloud Computing Works

Let’s start with, Why Cloud servers are famous for hosting?

From the Different measures of technology, we all are aware of the fact that a server is required to build the perfect organization of the websites on the Internet. If an organization has website then a server is required to host services. For Small and large organizations Internet market has several types of web hosting solutions. Some of them are known as shared web hosting, virtual web hosting, cloud hosting, free web and managed hosting.

In Cloud hosting multiple servers are connected together to divide the load generated at the site and produces zero downtime, which helps a site to deploy really good results with quality uptime. Today, cloud Web hosting is gaining more popularity because it is cost effective web hosting services. If you want to establish your online business, then you can take help of the cloud server. They provide a service especially for beginners. This service allows customers to share their resources and bandwidth for their websites. You can enjoy a hassle free service for their websites and web pages with the help of these servers, and manage various online applications. This service is very sophisticated, high-end and flexible.

Now lets understand How eNlight Cloud server works:

1) Sign up for eNlight Cloud hosting package

Order & pay online, add credit balance as per your requirements.

2) Get Access

Equipped with pre installed software, you can instantly provision virtual machines yourself through the user friendly control panel interface.

3) Pay As You Go

You will be charged only for the resources you use, thus completely eliminating hidden costs / surcharges.

4) Web Based Console View

Check the performance of VMs anytime, anywhere. Web based console gives access to complete servers’ activity without location restrictions.

5) No Contracts

No time bound contract gives you the flexibility and freedom to host your websites when you want, as you want and for the duration you want.

This web service also offers many other advantages are:

The cloud server can be installed easily without any problem. No additional hardware is required for this service. You just have to pay for use resources. (Ram, Space and Bandwidth). You can see a lot of resources on servers in the cloud. You can use these resources to improve your website.

This service is very cost effective compared to the other services. You can add or remove servers at any time and installed in accordance with their needs. It can also handle large amount of traffic.

The most advantageous thing is that there is value for money. The cloud server offers greater flexibility for your business. No need to invest more money in hardware and software.

The Big in brand in Cloud industry, the eNlight Cloud platform allows you to manage your cloud from resources to deployment with any application. So in time of traffic your website would work just awesome because the generated load of traffic has been divided among the connected server network. Auto Scaling is the logic which is used to divide the load and produces 0% downtime. The cloud Web hosting service has been established in multiple servers that share their resources to meet the requirements of its customers. This is the flexible option you are looking for can be changed according to your needs and offers the right hosting plan quickly and easily to your changing needs.

eNlight Cloud performance details,