Simplicity of Magento Templates and Extensions

Simplicity of Magento Templates and Extensions

Years ago, to create a portal the web designers and developers there was a necessity of having a bunch of applications, software’s, and codes at their disposal. By using different programming languages, scripts and plug-ins they were able to make a portal which become a website after it was hosted on a server. Once they are hosted it was accessible by public from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. The concept of designing website and its templates and uploading it to the server was utilized for years, until the technology to upload the templates directly came.

Now, it is not necessary to design the templates by your own anymore. There are number of templates websites that allows to download Magento templates and extensions for free directly to your computer system. Magento is an open source eCommerce software platform, that allows the online stores to host, maintain and sell their products for the consumers. The free magento themes are pre-designed by the expert designers, where all kinds of products ranging from electronics to garments can be hosted.

One of the best share of such magento themes templates is that they are easily downloadable and can run perfectly even after the site is up. It simply means that the websites doesn’t require to be written again. Moreover, these free magento themes permits user or designers to integrate their own style and designs as well as many supportive add-ons and plug-ins to create an attractive web page or website.

Furthermore, with the help of the software programming the e-commerce site owners can add a variety of products and in an impressive manner. By playing with the theme and template files, they can give a cascading effect, could create a slide-show of the featured products, drop down boxes and much more. The primary aim behind doing such changes is to attract more n more customers toward the online shop.

Searching a specific product in the online store becomes much easier with the intricacies with which the magento themes are designed. These various effects like clicking a product can provide you a complete information about a particular product and also shows you in an expanded version. Using the shopping cart technology, selecting products can be put in the shopping cart for the purchase process.

To get rid of hassles, the payment modes are also made in an user-friendly manner. Using the SSL, the credit cards and net banking options are made more secure so that the clients don’t have to worry  sharing their financial info. All these things mentioned after utilizing the Magento templates and extensions becomes quite rosy and even fruitful.

The ease with which the PSD files can be converted into a Magento template is an example of the user friendliness of software applications. In the coming days, the use of such free open source magento template will increase to create appealing online shopping portals. It is going to be beneficial for both websites as well as the consumers so their productivity will increase and the consumers will get a better shopping experience. In fact, the most advantageous person would be the consumers as they will be able to shop a variety of products through these user-friendly online shopping portals.

Magento is an open source ecommerce application and shopping cart offered absolutely free to install with the cPanel Web Hosting package.

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